Working with Virtual Assistants: Expectations vs Reality

Working with virtual assistants

Beginner’s guide to working with virtual assistants

So, you’ve finally accepted the fact that you can’t work 20 hours a day and decided on working with virtual assistants. As it always is when hiring a new employee, you’ll have to make some adjustments and do everything in your power to give your new team member a warm welcome. 

If this is your first experience with remote work, you might have some expectations that are not exactly in accordance with reality. This blog post sheds some light on what you can realistically expect from working with virtual assistants in our top 5 expectation vs reality situations. In that way, you can run the whole process more smoothly. Trust us, we’re the experts. And welcome to the world of remote work! 

Expectation #1: Working with virtual assistants will be a silver bullet for ALL my problems

Virtual Assistants are usually very resourceful and happy to acquire new knowledge and learn new skills daily. Maybe you’re thinking about hiring virtual assistants who will help you with admin, social media management and graphic design, but you’d also like to cram some video/audio editing, outreach, and business growth into your VA’s schedule. Even if your VA has superpowers, usually you won’t find it all in just one person.

Reality:  Sometimes you’ll need results quickly and your VA simply won’t have the time to become an expert in a whole new area overnight. Luckily, if you decide to go with a reliable agency like Remote Bob, you can study our list of services and hire multiple VAs who are experts in their respective fields.

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Expectation #2: I’ll immediately cram my VA’s schedule with miscellaneous tasks and get instant results

This expectation fits nicely with the previous one. Namely, some employers assign a pile of work to their new VA and expect instant, silver-bullet-like solutions to their problems.

Reality:  Every change needs time. The best way to go about finding solutions to your problems is to state your challenges and goals clearly and present them transparently when interviewing your potential VAs. After hiring your VA, be ready for some initial training and explaining the processes, procedures and technology used in your business. Collaborate with your VA and set up a plan consisting of achievable and realistic milestones and have regular meetings to discuss the updates. Communication is key.

Expectation #3: Working with virtual assistants will cost me a fortune

Often the main reason for not working with virtual assistants is money. People expect that a new employee will cost them a fortune so they rather become overworked instead.  

Reality:  Well, the beauty of hiring remote workers is that you don’t have to pay for office space, work equipment, commuting expenses, etc. Hiring virtual assistants via a reliable remote working company like Remote Bob means you’ll have excellent virtual assistant services at reasonable rates.

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Expectation #4: My company is a small start-up; VAs won’t be interested in working for me

Small start-ups often fear they won’t manage to overcome the difficulties of the initial business stages if they “overhire” right at the beginning. 

Reality:  As we’ve already mentioned, working with virtual assistants will cost you less than hiring in-house employees. And the time when only big companies like Facebook invested in outsourcing has long passed. Outsourcing agencies can help you grow your small business and VAs are happy to do it. Remote Bob specialises in exactly that – we devise strategies and plans that will help you accomplish all your goals and make your start-up grow. 

Expectation 5: I’ll have a hard time managing my VA

Lastly, a very common misconception is that the very nature of remote work – working from home – will bring poorer results than hiring an in-home assistant.

Reality: Virtual Assistants at Remote Bob are flexible, reliable and trustworthy. They will track the time spent doing certain tasks and be paid according to it. Today’s technology makes it possible to have regular meetings in which you’ll discuss updates and any issues that might arise. Also, there are various tools that can help you with business communication, task assignment and the like, e.g. Asana and Slack.

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So, there you have it – our top 5 expectations vs reality you might find yourself in if you’re considering working with virtual assistants. 

If you have any other questions or would like to discuss prices and services at Remote Bob, go ahead and get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to help!

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