Working from Home: How VAs Are Helping Remote Work

Is remote work the future

The rise of working from home

Ever since the pandemic started, more and more people have been working from home. This remote way of working came with its own set of challenges. We’ve asked Jon Posener of Office Freedom to chime in on this topic:

As a result of the pandemic, working has become more flexible. While employees are now returning to the office, this looks very different to pre-pandemic levels and many employees are returning in more flexible ways. I don’t feel that the full working week of Monday to Friday, 9-5:30pm will ever return in the same way.

It seems like remote work is here to stay. However, as with everything else, the workplace environment is ever changing. In this post, let’s take a look at some of the challenges remote work presents and how VAs might help alleviate those.

The problems with working from home

Jon goes on to give an important observation about remote work:

At the start of the pandemic, there was excitement about being able to work from home. It meant saving money, spending more time with the family and even working more productively. Over the last few months, however, there has been a noticeable change. Employees are no longer enjoying working from home as much. The cost saving and may still be there, but there are also key disadvantages. These include, reduced exercise, isolation and mental issues, reduced social activities and even burnout.

A lot of these issues are more than real for many of us. Although we’ve made the step towards remote work, we haven’t fully integrated it. Many of its pitfalls wait to often take us by surprise. 

However, as we settle in and as the practice of the remote workplace evolves, these issues can be resolved. Let’s explore how VAs are changing the landscape of modern business.

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How VAs help when working from home

Virtual assistants (VAs) help by taking on many tasks which you simply must do but hate doing. You have to organize your calendar. You have to fill out those nasty invoices. You have to do social media marketing. But, boy, you sure don’t want to. 

That’s where VAs come in. They free up your hands by doing these small yet essential tasks. That leaves you with more time for yourself or the core of your business.

Think about it. It means that, even though you’re working remotely, you can get some proper exercise (not just commuting). Your feeling of isolation will go away if you spend more time with your friends and family, not to mention that burnout will be a thing of the past.

Statistics on working from home and VAs

Let’s take a look at some statistics. Numbers don’t lie, after all. This will allow us to gauge the true state of remote work and the trends in VA activity over the last couple of years. 

Only 17% of remote workers feel stressed because of work

That’s not as bad as you thought, was it? With proper time management and the right help, stress and burnout stop being a threat.

Almost 90% of organizations have resorted to working from home since the pandemic struck

And a lot of them have remained that way. After seeing that much of the same effect can be achieved by working remotely, companies are opting to let their employees continue working from home if they so desire. This flexibility creates a wonderful opportunity for working with VAs.

The global Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry is worth $245.91 billion as of 2021

And it’s only expected to keep growing. Outsourcing, remote work, and VAs seem here to stay. Statistics also show that SMEs and startups are starting to embrace VA services more and more.

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Although remote work comes with its pitfalls, those can be addressed. We’ve seen many of the benefits of working from home, but we must be careful not to get in over our heads. By carefully but courageously proceeding into the future, we ensure that the idea of the flexible office doesn’t backfire.

If you’re interested in reaping the benefits of remote work without suffering its negative side, book a call with us and let’s talk about your needs. Let’s not be afraid of the future!

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