Work Ethics

We know how important work ethics are when it comes to dealing with outsourcing employees from another country. Many outsourcing companies don’t treat their employees with respect. Online workers are underpaid and overworked. Many don’t feel validated.

This is exactly why Remote Bob has very distinct and specific work ethics. We don’t aim just for our clients to have access to a larger talent pool. We aim for our Balkan employees to get closer to the global business world with an easy and comfortable journey.

What are our work ethics, how do we treat our employees, and what do we think employees should always be treated like?


The salary of our Remote Employees is 20-30% bigger than the salary they would get working the same position at an average Croatian company. For an average CEO from the UK, a payment of 400GBP for 20 hours of monthly work might seem low. The economic standard in the Balkan region says otherwise. Our clients don’t have to deal with ridiculous prices, while our employees get the luxury of working part-time jobs for the same wage that they would earn doing extra hours in domestic companies.

Friendly Atmosphere

We don’t like the “just business” parole. Our employees become our colleagues and friends we care about and connect to on a personal level. Making connections is crucial when it comes to work ethics. We try to establish a close-knit community with our remote employees, which also means communicating out of work. Be it a challenge they’re facing with their task or a private issue that’s holding them back, we’re there to fix it together. When employees feel more comfortable with their co-workers and managers, they start finding pleasure in working for the company, as well.


We organize monthly educations during which managers and consultants can come together and share their knowledge and experience with the company members. For an example, this education held in November, titled “How to set your goals – and really accomplish them”.


As our company advances, so do the opportunities for different positions and fields of work. We tend to award our long-standing employees with promotions to these new positions, as well as raises. Our practice is to praise our workers when they do their task correctly. Scolding employees when they don’t understand their task is not welcome. Our first reaction is to assist and teach them so that they can do their job even better. We know that you want a career in which you can prosper and advance to bigger and better things, so we assure our employees that we can grow together.

Business training and practice

The Balkan region, especially Croatia, has many opportunities for a good education. What they lack is a good working environment and practice. Not many people have the opportunity to work in a dynamic, technological startup environment. When onboarding, our workers get the opportunity to learn how to use up to five different software programs for their positions, as well as get the feeling of what it’s like to do work that isn’t just part of a routine – like work in a state Administration usually is.


We praise individuality, but also independence. Work ethics imply that you feel valued where you work. We don’t want our employees to fit any specific mould, and we certainly don’t want to monitor and bother you while you work, either. As long as you meet the deadlines and deliver your part as agreed, you can work however you like, whenever you like.

Travel Opportunities

Our employees have the opportunity to participate in our business trips, completely free of charge. Seeing the business world of the UK first hand will help our employees get a better feeling and understanding of their own role. For example, sales managers regularly fly over to London for business meetings and events.

Keeping your employees involved on all levels gives them a sense of responsibility, but also a satisfactory feeling of being important

All of these points are our goal and vision, but what do our long-standing employees have to say about our work ethics?

Our developers

My role is an on-demand Developer for Remote Bob. My tasks vary from fixing or updating the website to implementing technologies in the everyday workload for the Remote Bob staff. I have worked with many companies around the world due to being a freelancer and I must say that working for Remote Bob is without a doubt the most pleasant experience I have ever had.

The whole company and all of its workers give off a vibe that makes you want to take on and complete tasks as if you were doing them for your own benefit. In my case, our superiors have always had an understanding of how much time some tasks required for completion. They never gave me a last minute notice. Everything was planned way before the deadline, so I had enough time and space to complete my tasks without pressure. I have worked with Remote Bob for about six months now (including my onboarding process). Not once have I seen a negative attitude or anything of that sort that would make me regret working for them. – Mirza Bašić

Our sales managers

I enjoy working as a Sales Manager very much. The atmosphere is pleasant; there is enough space for you to approach your work as an individual. There are no strict templates that you must fit into, so an employee can even further develop their own creativity during their work. We’re no robots and we’re required to fill no mould. What also motivates me is that I’m a firm believer in the company’s ideas and principles. I have faith that it will achieve great success trough this experience. – Ana Sekso

Our HR

I’m Remote Bob’s People manager. I love working for Remote Bob because my superiors gave me confidence. After all, a satisfied employee is also a loyal employee. At Remote Bob, we keep motivating each other by constantly reminding one another of our best qualities. Our amazing team creates a relaxed atmosphere. This motivates us to give our maximum effort to reach goals and complete tasks. We create success! – Tina Turuk

Our Social Media Managers

I applied to work as a Social media manager at Remote Bob upon enrolling my final year of university. My prior experience was limited, as I had almost no opportunities to apply for a similar position in my home country.

Following my interview, the team delegated a series of test tasks to see if I’m fit for the job. My superior sent me detailed information about what my role actually implies. After a short period of time, I was surprised that my superior spoke very casually to me. They made some jokes, and connected me to other people in the company who did the same. It all seemed so friendly and relaxed. I gained the courage to negotiate my own ideas and desires, which were happily taken into consideration right away. It seemed more like a joint project rather than a task-based chore. You feel involved and important, and I got paid more for my efforts than I ever would be doing online work for a Bosnian company. – Emina Sarajlić