Trends of outsourcing – why hire remote workers?

If you are working for a startup, you know how much effort you are putting into managing your ever-increasing workload. From definition of the right tools to use to hiring the best possible talent for your business needs. When it comes to talent, some questions may arise.

How can I get the best possible talent for affordable pricing? Should I hire remote workers? What are the benefits?

Hire a local freelancer, or outsource overseas?

Nowdays, workers are declining nine-to-five jobs in a physical office to choose remote working. However, independent freelancers do not always guarantee the best results. As self-employed experts, they frequently lack the notion of responsibility and might even leave you hanging.

In the UK specifically, hiring an experienced, complete back office team has become ridiculously pricey and complicated (office space, high wages of workers etc) . This is the reason why 66% of UK-based companies now allow remote work, and where companies such as Remote Bob may provide relief.

What does outsourcing mean, anyway?

Outsourcing means hiring a third-party provider that offers variety of experts to execute work of another employer. Outsourcing allows access to a wider pool of experts who get to choose their office space and manage their workload more efficiently. Hiring workers from companies who take on the responsibility for the outcome of the work proves to be far safer than hiring an independent freelancer who can back-off at any second.

Our strategy

The remote workforce of Remote Bob consists of proficient, well-trained, competent and approved specialists governed by a senior project manager. Workers will start working on your project immediately after your request. You will also be able to monitor the whole process using an easily accessible CRM.

All of the above is also available at a very friendly price point. Through outsourcing teams from Remote Bob – you will be getting excpetional quality of work while paying less.

The goal of outsourcing companies such as Remote Bob is to provide assistance when and where it is needed, so why not use this opportunity of the outsourcing yourself? Provide us with the necessary information, hire remote workers and sit back and relax while your work is being done by professionals in their field.