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Virtual assistants for hire

Available virtual assistants for hire

Remote Bob has plenty of virtual assistants for hire. The best ones are often busy and overworked. It’s rare that many of our VAs have lots of free time simply because of how sought-after they are.

This is your lucky day, however! In this article, we’re presenting to you five of our available expert virtual assistants for hire. Read about their exceptional skills and see which one best suits your needs!

1. Adna

A photo of Adna, one of our virtual assistants for hire

Adna is one of our most reliable virtual assistants for hire. It’s often the stereotype that VAs typically handle admin work. Although this partially holds true for Adna, she can also help you out with growth activities like LinkedIn outreach.

Apart from that, her attention to detail and pragmatism makes her great at booking calls, updating calendars and schedules, as well as editing tables and creating onboarding lists. All in all, Adna will make sure that pesky side-chores don’t get in the way of you enjoying your work and your life.

2. Ema

A photo of Ema, one of our VAs

Meetings are one of the key aspects of a business. It’s important to manage them, be present during them, and remember what was said. If you’ve ever had trouble with this, Ema, one of our available virtual assistants for hire, is here to help you out!

Ema has experience in scheduling, coordinating, and arranging meetings, as well as being an extraordinary note-taker. Never again will you have to scratch your head wondering what Stephen the manager said that sounded so important while you were dozing off! Did we mention her brilliant inbox management skills?

3. Marta

A photo of Marta, our VA

Apart from having an unusually cool name, Marta is the pinnacle of admin VA work. Being one of our virtual assistants for hire, she can help you in many different areas, including managing calendars, emails and meetings.

On top of that, she also has programming experience in SPSS and R and can work a mean Excel spreadsheet. This means that she’s also very useful if you need someone to help you with research. 

4. Ena

A photo of Ena, one of our virtual assistants for hire

The next among our virtual assistants for hire has a skillset more balanced between admin and growth tasks. Her office administration skills are nothing to scoff at, but she’s also fairly proficient when it comes to social media management.

But here’s the kicker: she’s also mastered all LinkedIn-related skills, from outreach to management and content creating! We know that the saying goes Jack of all trades but master of none, however in the case of Ena, we can guarantee quality across all of the services she can provide.

5. Marija

A photo of Marija, a VA

Marija is one of our trusty, reliable, growth virtual assistants for hire. She’s highly adept at most tasks related to growth, from social media marketing to content writing.

Digital marketing is the name of her game, and she can also help you with things such as LinkedIn outreach. If what you’re looking for is expanding your business quickly and easily, then look no further.

Like what you see?

If any of our virtual assistants for hire strike your fancy, then you’re in luck. You can book a free intro call with us and talk about your needs. If you know exactly which VA you want, great! If not, we’ll help you decide which one(s) to hire. In any case, your business will be operating more smoothly and your life will be filled with more stress-free fun and enthusiasm. 

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