Virtual Assistant Services for startups

When looking into hiring a Virtual Assistant for the first time, you are probably thinking about what are the different types of Virtual Assistant services this person can offer for startups. Virtual Assistant services cannot compare to regular secretary jobs as the work of a VA is done remotely. Despite this, Virtual Assistants can do even up to a hundred different tasks regarding both your personal and your business life. Virtual Assistant services can range from handling your paperwork to ordering your groceries.

If you are a startup owner in the UK and find it hard to manage setting up a business by yourself, then a remote assistant might be the solution to your problems. It’s more affordable as you don’t need to worry about expanding your business’ space. They’re available even beyond the nine-to-five schedule. They also won’t interrupt your first morning coffee staring at you from across your office. After you have gone through the necessary process of selection, the next task would be to look at all the services you can outsource.

Here is a list of some of the Virtual Assistant services for startups that can help kick-off your business:

Data mining/online research

New businesses are usually also new to the business world and the market space. They have very limited knowledge about all of their different competitors and potential customers. You can’t build a successful business and marketing strategy without knowing your marketplace. A remote assistant can not only take care of initiating your strategy but also of continuously keeping an eye on the lookout for new information. Remote Virtual Assistants can also look for the cheapest flights for your upcoming business meetings, and book good-rated hotels in your desired area.

Lifestyle management

Lifestyle management narrows down on your personal duties. Your VA can serve as a reminder for you to take care of your day-to-day tasks despite your hectic schedule. This includes doing the laundry, paying the bills, reminding you about your sister’s upcoming birthday, and even buying a gift in your name.

Handling your paperwork

Newfound companies usually have even more paperwork than long-running companies do. Heaps of client and employee contracts, invoices, meeting agendas, newsletters, reports… A Virtual Assistant can go through all of your paperwork, sort it, handle the unfinished ones, and even collect data from it and provide your with a report (weekly tasks, sales, deliveries…).

Manage your online presence

You probably don’t have time to update blog posts on your page, post stories and updates on your Facebook and Instagram profile, and you definitely don’t have time to like and comment the content of other companies. However, your online presence has two benefits. First of all, it is a continuous update to the general public on how well you’re doing. Secondly – it’s the best free advertisement you can get. Online media presence also includes customer interaction; answering DMs, emails, replying to comments… Your VA can be your social media expert too. He can handle your social media accounts while you are busy with meetings.

Liaison between you and your potential partners and employees

You don’t have to personally interact with every person contacting your office. Your VA can answer phone calls, respond to messages, even conduct interviews, and then provide you with the most important information. They can book your meetings, review CVs of new employees, write job listings, or even review companies who want to team up with you.