How a Virtual Assistant help Busy Mums

Virtual Assistant services may be nothing new to veteran full-time mums out there, but it is still a topic that is not emphasized enough.

Due to the circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, most people (excluding essential workers) are now working from home. This means that if you formerly weren’t a stay-at-home mum, congratulations – you are one now!

Busy mums new to remote work could find it somewhat tricky to learn how to balance work-time, play-time, cleaning-time, and me-time. The stress can be overwhelming, especially now that most day care centres, nannies, and babysitters are prohibited from working conventionally.

Many of these women find themselves facing the difficult choice between pursuing their career further or giving it all up to be full-time mothers.

Could virtual assistants be the solution for busy mothers in need?

Working mothers are often critical of themselves, wondering if they’re giving their children enough to make them happy.

Services a Virtual Assistant can offer to busy mums:

Outsourcing a virtual personal assistant is a cost-efficient way to take some work off of your hands. A virtual PA can take all task-based work off of your hands. This gives you plenty of time and space to devote yourself to more important projects, but also giving you more quality time to spend with your children.

Here’s a list of ideas how your VA can help you be a better mother:

  • Organisation
    You can give your VA access to your personal e-mail and business accounts. However, you can also update them on all your current obligations such as your children’s homework, or even attending their next school play. Your VA can make a calendar with a precise schedule and reminders of the most important events, meetings, and deadlines. Being more organized can help you plan out your days better.
  • Booking appointments and planning events
    Your VA can function just like any office secretary. They can answer your phone calls and book job meetings, vet and dentist’s office visits, cancel flight reservations, plan your children’s birthday party, or even set you up for a dinner at a nice restaurant.
  • Work
    Your VA can partially take over your work tasks. They can assist your company with outreach, search for and contact potential clients, handle your social media accounts, or even review your messages so you don’t have to waste a minute of your day scrolling through your junk mail.
  • Grocery shopping
    Many people find grocery shopping somewhat cathartic. They spend hours and hours searching the shelves for the newest snacks, sale offers at the cleaning supply aisle, or simply exploring new food options. Online shopping isn’t nearly as exciting as weighing your own potatoes. Luckily, you could just send your grocery list to your VA and let them take care of the rest.
  • Research
    Your VA can do just about any necessary research for you, from reviewing nannies, schools and day care centres, to good plumbers, home decor ideas, or even birthday presents and school books.

“That’s not a lot – I can manage on my own”

While all of these tasks might seem like a minor inconvenience, in combination they can stack up and take two to three hours off your day. You could spend this time having a nice family breakfast or watching some cartoons with your little ones.