Top 10 Virtual Assistant Industry Myths

What myths have you heard about the virtual assistant industry?

Myths about the virtual assistant industry

There are many myths floating around about the virtual assistant industry. A lot of these were born when VAs were new. Back then, some of them were even true.

However, nowadays, a lot of them are no longer correct. The problem is that many people still believe them.

We’ve decided to put a stop to this! In this post, read about the truth behind many of the myths concerning the virtual assistant industry. You might be surprised by what you read!

Myth #1: VAs take forever to onboard

In the virtual assistant industry, it’s a bit notorious that delegation can be quite a hassle. Why spend hours or even days explaining how you want something done instead of just doing it yourself, eh? This is sometimes the case, too, especially with random freelancers.

However, with VA companies like Remote Bob, onboarding is no longer much of an issue. VAs come pre-equipped with most skills the average client will need. All that’s left is working out the details. Furthermore, the company is not shy about handling any onboarding you might need. The whole process is incredibly snappy.

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Myth #2: VAs are only for big companies

This might’ve been true back in the day, but the virtual assistant industry has progressed to the point where there are affordable and useful virtual assistance options for everyone. Remote Bob, for example, caters a lot to startups.

In fact, you could say that startups need VAs more than big businesses do. After all, in the early days of a business, you need flexible, experienced people helping you. It’s often cheaper to hire temporary VAs for specific skills rather than employees that you’ll have to keep even past their usefulness. This point also ties into our next one:

Myth #3: VAs are only good for admin work

It’s true that VAs are a great option for handling admin tasks. They’re usually very organized and reliable. However, the virtual assistant industry offers so much more, especially to newer businesses.

With Remote Bob, for example, you also have the option of growth services. These help you grow your business using the expert marketing knowledge of our VAs in categories from social media marketing to content writing or lead gen. The full story is that VAs are useful in a variety of situations.

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Myth #4: VAs are only a temporary solution

Although one of the strengths of VAs is definitely their temporary nature—you don’t have to invest in a long-term employee for a temporary task—they can be useful in other ways too.

In our experience, people who hire VAs often fall in love with them so much that they want continued support. The lack of stress and amount of free time is addictive. Whether you’re using your VA for growth or admin tasks, the virtual assistant industry can offer you long-term support.

Myth #5: VAs are unreliable

This is another myth that is partially true depending on which part of the virtual assistant industry we’re talking about. For example, random freelancers who aren’t regulated can often be unreliable. In the worst-case scenarios, they can even try and cheat you.

However, when it comes to established companies like Remote Bob, it’s a whole different story. We maintain a consistent standard of quality. If any VA fails to meet that standard, we reprimand or, if they did something really inappropriate, fire them. We monitor work hours and allow you to do the same via services like Asana and Clockify.

Myth #6: Sharing sensitive information with a VA is a security risk

This one is really problematic because it doesn’t make a lot of sense. Think about it: the virtual assistant industry thrives on confidentiality. If VAs abused their clients’ sensitive information or spread it around, nobody would ever hire a VA!

Fortunately, most trusted VA companies have policies regarding this. The penalty for violating a client’s trust is severe and can often involve legal action as well. Therefore, you can rest easy knowing your VA won’t be leaking your LinkedIn password to your top competitors.

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Myth #7: VAs do sub-par work

This is another myth that doesn’t make a lot of sense. The virtual assistant industry depends on offering quality services. If we stopped, nobody would want a VA. After all, why delegate work to second-rate VAs when you could do a better job yourself?

The truth is that most VAs are trained and experienced professionals. They are well versed either in admin or growth tasks or sometimes both. Especially when working with dedicated companies like Remote Bob, you can be sure that the help you’re getting is of excellent quality.

Myth #8: Communicating with a VA is difficult

This can be true, depending on the VA and company. However, good communication is another key aspect of work which the virtual assistant industry must focus on. Communication is one of the most important aspects of working with a VA.

Mediocre companies and VAs will be able to more or less communicate well with you if you put in some effort as well. Companies like Remote Bob, however, will ensure that everyone is aware of the proper communication channels for various tasks. Our VAs, in turn, are fully aware of the proper online etiquette.

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Myth #9: VAs are ambivalent towards their work

Although this certainly can be true of some VAs, the virtual assistant industry is not always just a cold, detached helping hand. True, you can find disinterested VAs who nevertheless do their job well, but we think some enthusiasm is usually in order.

At Remote Bob, we nurture a culture of love and proactivity. Our VAs want to see you succeed. This is the attitude that most high-quality companies and VAs take. The relationships formed between us and our clients can often be ones of great closeness and trust.

Myth #10: VAs from remote locations are lower quality

Of course, this varies from VA to VA, but there’s a general feeling within the virtual assistant industry that VAs from remote locations are somehow inferior. Popular locations to outsource work to include India and Southeastern Asia. This belief is further compounded by lower prices.

However, there are other remote VA locations which offer services of superior quality for a similar price. Places like the Balkans or Central and Eastern Europe offer competent English speakers and dedicated workers that you can hire and still have some money left over to buy bread on your way home.

Bonus Myth: VAs never make mistakes

Here’s a positive myth to end with. In the virtual assistant industry, there is scarcely such a thing as a perfect VA. Although good VAs come pretty close, it’s simply impossible to never make mistakes.

The important thing is to know how to recognize those mistakes in a healthy way. Ultimately, what separates a good VA from a bad one isn’t that the good ones never misunderstand instructions or always deliver exactly what you envision, but that they are willing to own up to their mistakes and correct them.

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There are many myths surrounding the virtual assistant industry. In this post, we’ve tried to dispel some of them. Of course, you might come across some more, in which case you may contact us and check whether or not what you’ve heard or read is true!

As for us, we’re offering you the chance to get a high-quality, demystified VA experience with our amazing assistants. If you’re interested in high-quality, reliable, and trustworthy VA services, feel free to book a free call with us and let’s have a conversation about your needs.

Or you can read more of our informative blog articles!

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