Video Chat Dos and Don’ts for Virtual Assistants

Video chat etiquette

Video chat etiquette varies from setting to setting. When we’re just talking to our friends online, there’s no need to pay particular care to the lighting or how we’re dressed. However, in a professional setting, these things suddenly become relevant.

Think about it: you wouldn’t show up at the office in your PJs. In the same way, when having a video meeting with a client we need to observe certain guidelines for how we should look and act.

Of course, all of Remote Bob’s virtual assistants already know this, but for anyone out there who might be struggling: here are some dos and don’ts when it comes to professional video chat etiquette.


virtual assistant looking bored on video chat
virtual assistant not showing full face on video chat

Have light behind you

This looks very unprofessional and makes it more difficult for the client to see you. It also makes you look a little shady (no pun intended).

Look messy or have a messy room behind you

We get it: working remotely has its perks. Unfortunately, coming into a call with a messy bedhead in your PJs while your room looks like a hurricane blew over is not acceptable.

Show only half of your head in the video

Your client doesn’t want to just see half of your head. It looks sloppy and, again, unprofessional. Avoid any strange angles and incomplete frames.

Look bored

Not all calls are going to be exciting, but that’s no reason to discourage your clients by looking like a zombie.

Smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol

I don’t think this one needs much explanation.


virtual assistant looking engaged and well-lit on video chat

Look professional

This means having tidy hair and dressing professionally (either a button-up or single-coloured T-shirt).

Be engaged and interested

Even though the topic you’re discussing may not be the most exciting thing ever, try to at least look at interested as possible. This will encourage the client and build rapport which can lead to business benefits down the line.

Have a light source in front of you

You want your face to be lit up from the front. This means either use the light from your screen or something behind the screen. Make sure your face is easy to see.

Have a clean environment

You want the room you’re in to be nice and tidy. No clothes scattered around everywhere or unmade beds. At the very least, position your camera so that the client doesn’t see any mess that may be there.

Show your full face in the video

Try to position yourself and your camera so that your entire face fits comfortably in the frame. However, don’t back away too far so that too much of your body becomes visible.

Final words

And there you have it: a few short tips on video chat etiquette for virtual assistants. Following these guidelines will ensure your clients feel comfortable talking to you and trust you. Sometimes, it may even make you yourself more enthusiastic about the job.

Happy assisting!