The Types of Virtual Assistant You Can Hire

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There are many types of virtual assistant

Have you ever thought about the different types of virtual assistants? No, of course not. Why would you? Seriously, it would be kind of weird if you had…

Anyway! It doesn’t matter, since this post is meant to inspire you to think about it. Just like everything else, virtual assistants have types. Different kinds of VAs are useful for different tasks.

In this blog article, we’ll go over the five main types of VA and what kind of work they’re good for. This should help you pick the ideal one for you.

1. The Writer

The writer is your VA for all things text. This blog article, and most others probably, were written by a writer-type VA. Other types of virtual assistant can write as well, but these are most useful for longer texts.

These are usually language majors. If you need emails, blog articles, website text – you name it, a writer VA is probably what you need. Anyone can write a text, but writers can typically spruce it up stylistically as well as make sure that it’s optimized for being easily found by search engines.

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2. The Designer

The designer types of virtual assistants are another creative category. These are the people you want working on your logos and presentations. They have a gift for visual perception and aesthetic organization. In school, these were usually the artsy kids.

Designers are often spontaneous, quick thinkers. They easily think of new ideas on the spot and are best left without too much micromanaging. Be careful, though, as untying their hands too much can quickly lead to a Salvador Dali-esque avant-garde extravaganza on your newest PowerPoint or Canva project.

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3. The Organizer

Ahh yes, the quintessential admin VA. The two types of virtual assistant we’ve listed so far are all creative in one way or another, but they’re usually not too organized. This changes with the organizer, who is a true powerhouse when it comes to tidying up your dates and documents.

This isn’t to say that organizers can’t be creative. On the contrary, it can often take quite a bit of creativity to organize something efficiently. The organizer’s strength lies in their discipline and punctuality. Although not as proactive as some other types of virtual assistant, they more than make up for it in doing exactly what you asked of them.

Free Crop young positive female smiling and taking notes in organizer while cat watching on netbook at table at home

4. The Marketer

These guys can sell everything. They can even make soggy toast sound good. The marketer types of virtual assistant are those that specialize in selling products or services. Because of their unique skills, you’re very likely to end up working with one of them!

They are best employed in tasks having to do with growth. Marketers aren’t very good at organization jobs. Put them to work in lead gen tasks or social media marketing and watch your sales go up.

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5. The Jack of All Trades

To end off this list, we have a type that combines all the other types of virtual assistant, or mixes and matches some of them. Some people were just born to be VAs and can perform a whole slew of tasks from various fields.

However, being a jack of all trades, they do tend not be a master of any. If you have a specific task you need doing, you’ll be better off with one of the other types corresponding to what you need. The jack of all trades is ideal, though, for those who are looking for a more rounded-out VA or those hiring a single VA for multiple things.

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What’s your type?

Now that we’ve explored the different types of virtual assistant, it’s time for you to think about what kind of VA you would want. If you need some help with that, consider booking a free call with us. We’ll pair you up with the VA of your dreams or DIE TRYING.

If I sound too dramatic, it’s because I’m a writer type. 

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