Tips for working from home – nine steps to consider.

Here at Remote Bob, we have home-based employees in different countries. There is a different set of regulations to be followed for setting up a home-based office in Croatia than it is for one based in the UK. Examine all legal considerations. Here are some great beginner tips for working from home that can help you regardless if you’re a CEO or a subordinate;

Virtual Address

If you are a small company owner, you probably don’t want everyone from internet to be able to check on the Companies’ House (where do you live). Use a virtual address for official registration.

Good Internet connection

When working remotely, internet is almost more important than oxygen (figuratively speaking). Go for the best quality, our employees are using Vodafone, and we now finally don’t have problems with internet.

IT Equippment

Prepare a suitable laptop, screen, mouse, keyboard, printer, headset…


Track EVERYTHING you do in CRM – how else would your clients or employer know what you do.

Professional Workplace (corner)

It can be comfortable to do your work from your bed or couch at first, but if you are serious about your work – you will definitely need your professional corner, like a desk.

Rules for friends and family

Set rules and limitations for your spouse, kids and neighbors. Even though they know you are always home, it should be clear that you are not available from nine to five.


At first you might think „I am home anyway, so I can just water the plants, or make some pancakes“ – NO. One thing leads to another, and in the end you will end up having to stay up working until midnight.


Everyone thinks that working from home is brilliant, at least for the first two months. It becomes weird when you realize that you gave names to the pigeons on your balcony.

Dress up and show up, at least on networking events.


One of the greatest tips for working from home is to take time to properly eat and rest. Remote Bob is encouraging employees to take real breaks. You shouldn’t cook lunch in break, or have to rush to the post office. A real break is for your me-time; coffee, or a tasty lunch. Take good care of your mental health while working from home, as your well-being is what’s most important!

Balance your time so that your online job doesn’t put a strain on your personal life