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They say it's just business. We say it is a lifestyle. After all, your stuff should be handled by the people you trust.


Aman graduated from BITS Pilani Dubai Campus with a degree in Computer science engineering, proceeding to
gain a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of East London. He was also awarded the
Best Business Pitch award from San Jose State University.
Aman launched a successful venture by the name of “Happiness City Card” in his hometown of Kota, India. The
goal was to avail discounts from local shop vendors. Over 90.000 cards were sold in the very first year.

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Barbara Krečak

Barbara graduated from the University of Zagreb with degrees in Sociology and PR, followed by an MA in Bookkeeping, and crowned with an Executive  BA from Business school Cotrugli – where she was the youngest person to ever receive this title. Her tale doesn’t only revolve around a successful  academic career, but a lot of hard work, tears and sweat when it comes to gaining work and life experience. Barbara started her first company at the young age of 18. Ever since then, she has been financially independent, expanding her knowledge and improving her business skills. 

Aside from this, she was the youngest columnist in the Croatian magazine “Poduzetnik” (English – “Entrepreneur”). She proceeded to work as a serial entrepreneur and business consultant for start-ups in London.

While working as a consultant, Barbara got an insight into just how difficult and expansive it is to find decent employees for companies in London. At the same time, she was acquainted with many outstanding Croatian experts who were charging much less than the average UK employee would for the same position. Soon, she started connecting Croatian resources with British CEO’s, and the idea to start an outsourcing company that would continue this practice was born.

Due to the economic gap between the UK and Croatia, employees overseas would be paid more than their country’s standards would offer, while executives, specifically – startup owners in the UK, would save up more than 150.000GBP per year when turning to outsourcing outstanding experts in Croatia rather than settling for the ridiculously-high prices of local office space and workforce.

The first employee was hired after the business was formally opened, and then came the first clients that Barbara and Aman persuaded on London business events and via Google ads. Today, Remote Bob’s team consists of over 60 people, the majority of which live in Croatia or the Balkan region, who are available for remote work right now. All of these experts have been carefully selected from a large talent pool. They have conducted interviews and successfully completed a series of test-tasks. The idea has always been to not just find relative and affordable HR, but also individuals who are reliable, trustworthy, hard-working and highly competent in their respected field. The employees are awarded for good performance, and their work can be monitored via a CRM, which assures credibility and transparency, unlike working with self-employed freelancers.

But most important of all – Croatian people, and Balkan people in general, are by nature very talented, easy- going, diligent, and friendly. Introducing Croatian experts to the UK business world will assure pleasure on both sides, as executives in the UK gain the opportunity to work with a new pool of experts, all whilst Croatians gain new experience through first-hand insight into British working practice. 

The goal of Remote Bob is to continue to connect the two sides by also continuing to assure that it stays beneficial.

barbara maheshwari

Barbara Maheshwari, CEO

Serial Entrepreneur, Go-to-Market Consultant and Speaker with Executive MBA from Business School Cotrugli. Barb shared that the best part of being an entrepreneur is that you can choose which 16 hours of the day do you want to work.


Aman Maheshwari, CTO

Serial Entrepreneur, IT Engineer and Singer with an MBA from the University of East London and Birla Institute of Technology and Science degree. He always says that user interface is like a joke, if you have to explain it, it's not that good.


Ernad Mahmic, Content Specialist

Why did the woman dump her marketer boyfriend? Lack of engagement. Ernad writes content that converts.

Juan Linares

Juan Linares, Board Member

Chair of the Board, MBA-qualified Marketing Specialist with 10 years of experience in growth, Founder & CEO of Volangua and Negotiation certificate from Harvard Law School. Dynamic person with a flair for digital, brand management and leadership. If he doesn't reply to an email for longer than 24 hours, it means we have to call 911.

Matthew Weston

Matthew Weston, Board Member

Experienced manager with a demonstrated long-term track record in commercial activities, finance and strategy consulting. He is an analytical thinker and has an entrepreneurial mindset. Graduated from UCL and has an MBA from the University of Cambridge.

paul photo 500x500

Paul Okaru, Board Member

Paul Okaru is our Legal Board Member and Advisor. He is an Executive and Consultant with experience in market entry strategy, risk assessment and mitigation, funding and business development across West Africa and UAE, with a law degree from London School of Economics and an MBA business degree from University of Leeds Business School

peter l2

Peter Lemperis, Board Member

HR Board Member, Global Director of Compensation, Benefits & Mobility at Aramex. People development and total reward strategies. Works in 3 time zones, his career goal is to get enough sleep this year.

marija photo

Marija Kosutic, English Language Professor

Thanks to Marija, our spelling doesn't end up on memes sites. At least not so often.

Iva Krecak Updated

Iva Krecak, Finance Manager

Show me the money! Everyone gets paid on time. Our team members know it, and our clients definitely know it. Thanks to Iva.


Jovana Kaurin, HR Specialist

Scouting new talents for our team and getting medals for overthinking. She is taking care of our motivation and makes sure that we all don't go crazy.


Leonarda Blaskovic, Administrator

Donna from Suits, just cuter. That is how we like to describe Leonarda.


Angela Odak, Project Manager

Project Manager because Multitasking Ninja isn't an official job title.

klara t 2

Klara Tepus, Lead Gen Specialist

If you have a friend that needs a VA. Let your people call Klara's people.

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50+ Virtual Assistants

We recruited and trained more than fifty Virtual Assistants, that are ready to support our clients.