Task Delegation Anxiety: Symptoms and Solutions

The fear of task delegation

Task delegation isn’t some unknown or strange solution. We’ve all been there. It’s seven in the evening. You’ve just gone through 74 or so tasks that keep your company up and running. They’re all mundane things: checking emails, sending outreach messages, making sure your social media channels have been updated.

Your family’s waiting for you back home (or in the other room!), but you can’t leave yet. You’ve got another 74 tasks to go through. If only there was a way you didn’t have to do all of them… except there is. You’ve heard of it too. You’ve seen all of those ads for virtual assistants. Delegate your mundane tasks to us while you rest and work on the big ideas!

It sounds good, amazing even. There’s just one problem… how do you just… let go? This anxiety about task delegation comes from certain irrational fears that are both natural and crippling (as usual). Keep reading this post-turned-therapy-session to face your fears and overcome them!

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Fear #1 – The VA won’t do as good a job as me

This fear of task delegation seems somewhat justified. After all, you’ve been doing these tasks for so long. Surely your work has reached a level of perfection hitherto unsurpassed by some remote employee.

Reality: Most VAs are seasoned professionals and may even expose you to new, better ways of doing things.

The reality, however, is different. You must keep in mind that most VAs are experienced professionals. We’ve… seen and done a lot of stuff. A social media expert, for example, has likely managed a lot of profiles. They’ll look at your business model, snap their fingers, and say: “Voila! Here’s your ideal strategy.”

Let’s also not forget the fact that a VA has all of their time to focus on that particular task. Aren’t they less likely to make a mistake than you, headlessly rushing to get your 74 tasks done in time to make dinner?

What’s more, you might even be stuck in an inefficient way of handling a task out of habit. A fresh expert taking on a task might be able to see it from a different angle. This new approach could very well lead to saving time and money!

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Fear #2 – Task delegation will make me lazy and complacent

… and what’s wrong with that?

We’re joking, of course. There’s often the fear that delegating your tasks to someone else is a sign of weakness. Maybe you’re losing your edge. What’s next? Delegating all of your tasks to someone else and just retiring completely?

Reality: Delegating tasks is a natural and necessary tool to reduce workload.

If you’re dying of stress every day and have no free time, nobody can accuse you of being lazy. On the other hand, you might very well be close to going insane! If you’re an entrepreneur or some other very busy individual, delegating tasks eventually becomes a must. Otherwise, you just drown in your work.

There’s no shame in admitting that you could use a hand. In fact, your pride can often mess with the outcomes of your work. As we’ve mentioned in the last point, overworking yourself produces subpar results because you can’t properly focus on any task.

Instead, how about letting your VA handle the 58 mundane chores that take up most of your time? That way, you can maximize your usefulness by managing your company, giving consultations and speeches, or even just resting up so you’re better prepared for the next day.

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Fear #3 – Task delegation will take up more time than actually doing the tasks

This is another fear that seems to make sense at first glance. After all, instead of going through the (maybe) arduous process of finding a VA, hiring and onboarding them, and then delegating the task by explaining it in detail, wouldn’t it make more sense to just own up and do the task yourself?

Reality: Delegating tasks saves you time in the long-run.

Okay, sure, you’re right. Initially, the first few times, it might take a bit more time to delegate a task than to do it yourself (although it also depends on the magnitude of the task). But you have to look at the big picture here.

In the long run, delegating tasks saves you plenty of time, however. Think about it: you only have to explain something once. The delegating process happens only the first time or the first few times of delegating a task. After that, it becomes an automatic process! Your VA knows what needs to be done. You don’t need to painstakingly supervise them or give overly-detailed instructions every time. You’re free to relax and focus on other things while your VA handles your task for you.

What’s more, if you’re delegating commonplace tasks like admin or social media management, then your VA will know most of what they need to do simply from experience.

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Okay, you’ve got me, I’m into task delegation. What now?

Now you need a good VA to delegate your tasks to. Instead of wasting your time searching for random freelancers on sites like Upwork, Fiverr, or LinkedIn, then wasting more time painstakingly onboarding them and then carefully monitoring their work to make sure they don’t cheat you in some way, why not hire a VA through a company like Remote Bob?

Delegate your tasks to us, and we’ll make sure that your VA knows exactly what you want them to do. Furthermore, we do all the monitoring and supervision, so you can be sure of quality work.

If you’re looking for ideas and strategy on top of a dedicated VA, then we’ve got you covered there as well.


Convinced? We hope so!

You should now be more aware of your own fears when it comes to task delegation. You should also be more aware of why they’re irrational and that delegating tasks can save you both time and money while delivering superior results.

If you’re now itching to delegate a task or two, feel free to contact us for some amazing deals on VA services!