Successful Virtual Assistants: How to Become Excellent

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How to become a successful virtual assistant

Not all virtual assistants are truly successful virtual assistants. They can perform their job, sure, but the results they deliver are average at best. They lack a certain je ne sais pais, as the French would say, a certain I don’t know what.

Well, luckily we do know! In this post, we’ll go over the secrets to becoming a successful virtual assistant. By successful, we mean a VA who not only does what you ask of them but does it with a smile, is proactive and delivers outstanding, measurable results.

Without further ado, here’s how to become a successful virtual assistant:

1. Pay more attention to details

Anyone can do a task. Finishing something isn’t exactly the measure of quality. Successful virtual assistants go the extra mile to ensure everything is in order. Instead of simply hurrying to get a task off of their hands, they put in some additional effort to make sure everything is in order.

This is especially important with VAs who do admin work. Likewise, growth activities also benefit from this type of approach, from quality blog articles to social media posts that don’t have embarrassing mistakes or typos.

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2. Optimize your work environment

So much of being a successful virtual assistant is setting up your workspace so that efficiency is effortless. Do you have many distractions around you? Are you uncomfortable? Ask yourself these types of questions to help figure out what you need to change.

This applies to your digital environment as well. Organize your workflow so that you don’t have to think much about the next action you are taking. Have your important tabs and tools at ready for when you need them. That’s half the battle.

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3. Be proactive

This is one of if not the most important skill a VA can possess. Often what separates successful virtual assistants from mediocre ones is proactivity. It’s one thing to get a task and begrudgingly go through the motions and do it. It’s entirely another to proactively suggest solutions and problem solve.

This is a skill perhaps less needed in admin work, but can still crop up there. Nevertheless, growth tasks need a proactive VA. You won’t be a good marketer of any kind if all you know how to do is follow orders. Of course, one can be too independent as a VA. It’s all about finding the right balance.

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4. Be reliable

Successful virtual assistants are reliable. Their clients know that they can handle most things thrown their way. They feel that their VA is there for them. 

You do always want to be careful, of course, not to spread yourself too thin. It’s pointless to be available 24/7 and then constantly have issues with burnout. However, being on call for the time agreed with the client and responding in a timely and effective manner goes a long way to ensure your services stand out as a cut above the rest.

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5. Handle challenges well

Finally, a regular VA will back down from a challenge. “Oh well,” they’ll say, “so sorry, but that’s not in my job description. I wasn’t trained for this,” as soon as a more demanding task crops up. Successful virtual assistants, however, know that by investing just a little bit of extra effort, they can provide a lot of value for their client(s).

So, the next time that task that’s just a little bit more complicated comes up, instead of giving up, consider giving it a go. You may surprise yourself.

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