Starting a Business: What Inspired Remote Bob?

The key to starting a business

Starting a business requires many things, sure. You need money, people, a good space, etc. However, one thing you need probably more than anything else is inspiration.

Inspiration is the prime mover behind starting a business. Without it, you have no vision. Without a vision, you don’t have a business to start.

In this post, we’ll give you a brief overview of our CEO’s business experience and what eventually led her to found Remote Bob. After reading it, you’ll understand why we always seem to understand entrepreneurs so well.

Barbara’s past

In this section, we’ll explore what Barbara Maheshwari, our founder and CEO, did before starting Remote Bob. That should offer you some insight into what inspired her to start the company.

Ever since she was a teenager, she was always running some sort of business. These included things from organizing more than a hundred events on the coast of her beautiful native Croatia to international fashion events and business banquets. You could call her a serial entrepreneur and she wouldn’t get too mad.

Her educational background is in sociology, communication science and accounting as well as an Executive MBA in general business management from the business school of Cotrugli. She was the youngest Executive MBA graduate from that school and the youngest columnist who’s ever worked for the Croatian magazine “Entrepreneur.”

I don’t think it’ll surprise you to hear that she’s always wanted her own business. Working in a company that specialized in the distribution of IT hardware drew her attention to the digital world (no, not the one from Digimon). It also taught her how to treat someone else’s business as if it was her own. The company saw a 10% increase in its productivity within the 5 months and she was hooked on providing businesses with growth.

Barbara Maheshwari, CEO of Remote Bob

The founding of Remote Bob

But starting a business takes a bit more than that. What was that final spark of inspiration which made her realize the need for a VA business like Remote Bob?

Well, it was once again her personal experience, this time with delegation. Barbara had noticed two things:

a) doing everything by herself quickly led to burnout

b) the people whom she tried delegating some of her work to didn’t know what they were doing

It was absolutely frustrating. She felt the same way many entrepreneurs feel: stressed and overworked. It was natural that she looked for options to delegate her work.

Unfortunately, many of the VA freelancers she found were lazy, unskilled, or simply conpeople trying to scam her out of money. She saw a need for a reliable VA company providing premium services at an affordable price.

The result was Remote Bob: a company comprised of a dedicated team of VA experts in growth, admin, design and marketing tasks. Barbara finally has the assistants she’s always dreamed of, and if you feel the same way she did, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!


And there you have it, folks! That’s how Remote Bob got founded.  We hope that this post has inspired you in starting a business or that you related to it in some other way.

As for Barbara, she’s still diligently dedicating her time and resources to Remote Bob and working on making it the greatest VA company in the world!

(Personally, I think we’re pretty close…)