Exclusive virtual assistant for business owners

It Is now or never!

Stop wasting your precious time on doing repetitive things…

How can Virtual PA save your time?

Remote PAs aren't limited to assisting you with your business activities. They can arrange your travel, book your dog into the vet, or make a dinner reservation. When you're feeling stressed and work pressure mounts it is these tasks that are the first to fall by the wayside - and your social and family life suffers as a result.

Focus only on what is important to you

When you delegate boring tasks to your PA, you will finally have more time to focus on your core business. Can you imagine how would it feel to have enough hours in a day for everything you want to do? Getting work done, spending time with family or friends, enjoying me-time... It seems that you are only one click away from that lifestyle.

Business Support

Many busy individuals find it impossible to keep up with some of their routine (but important) administration tasks. Remote PAs can undertake a range of these activities including tracking your expenses, booking meetings, managing your social media channels, and so much more.

Important Events

A Remote PA can help you to keep track of many things simultaneously, as they are not distracted by the other activities that take over your day. Whether this is - managing your work diary for you, travel time, or reminding you that your Mum's birthday is coming up and perhaps arranging flowers of theatre tickets.

Lifestyle Management

You would like to book tickets for the cinema, sports activities for your kids, beauty treatment for yourself, find a nanny and a cleaner and plan the best vacations for your loved ones – Sounds like a full time job. What if you can just hire someone affordable and trustworthy to do it, instead of sacrificing all your free time?


We all have months that are busier than others. Remote PAs offer significant flexibility over static / fixed employees. If, for example, you have a part time PA, and need more help in a busy period, a reliable outsourcer will always be willing to flex your hours up if required. Think of it as a turn-up, turn-down resource. There when you need it, but not a service you pay for if you don't.

Peace of mind

With your new Virtual PA you will finally get a significant sense of relief. A Remote PA provides peace of mind, an extra pair of hands, an extra set of eyes, and so much more. Once they are in place and actively helping you, you'll be wondering why it took you so long to make the decision!

Safety Net

We all make mistakes, particularly when we're busy, tired or stressed. A Remote PA can be a second pair of eyes on important documents, presentations and emails. They will spot conflicts and clashes in your schedule, or even missed opportunities that your distracted mind misses. They will be wholly focussed on making sure life’s speed bumps do not affect your day.

virtual assistants options


per hour
£ 13
  • Hourly rate for a PA can be anywhere between £9.99 and £25 per hour based on experience, education and responsibilities assigned
  • If you are looking full-time, part-time or freelance Virtual Assistant, we can facilitate your request
  • There are no hidden costs nor recruitment fees. You pay only hourly salary, and we invoice you as a UK based supplier. It is simple as that!

for small start-up owners

Virtual Assistant
  • Coordinating and tracking team meetings, sending emails and arranging calls
  • Office management, admin, research and marketing support
  • Get someone to deal with repetitive tasks in your daily start-up life, so you can focus on growth while your operations are running smoothly
  • For part-time and full-time assistants, there is qualification process for delegation of tasks based on Remote Bob set of standards

for high level executives

Executive Assistant
  • Now we are talking about Donna from Suits type of smart, resourceful, superstar assistant
  • Other than being fabulous in organizational and admin tasks, this Executive Assistant can manage the manager
  • Booking meetings in various time-zones, staying on top of Executive's schedule and making sure he is always on the right track
  • For part-time and full-time assistants, there is qualification process for delegation of tasks based on Remote Bob set of standards
  • Executive assistant can manage the manager

with Remote Bob team

When a Remote Bob Virtual PA agrees an action, you can consider it done. Our business educated managerial team monitor the performance of all PAs. We ensure our resources deliver, every time, and are 100% dedicated to the satisfaction of every one of our clients.

Our only objective is a successful long-term relationship with our clients and Virtual Assistants.