Proactive Remote Personal Assistant

Your time is precious, get a PA to take care of repetitive work, and focus on things that you actually enjoy doing 

Labour in Croatia costs ~60% less than in the UK

This doesn’t even include the cost of providing expensive UK office space to employees. We have built an extensive network of high-calibre professionals, across all specialisations, who are incredibly motivated to work with British firms. We cover all quality and regulatory elements of their employment, so our customers need only focus on what these professionals can do for their business.

How Are your experts are so affordable?

You want quality employees who will get the job done... but you also don't want to spend your entire budget in the process. We know this because we have been in your shoes. As a solution, we work with high-quality people in Croatia, where workforce costs about 60% less than in the UK. This allows you to get access to specialised experts in their respective fields, without paying UK prices.

Looking for a Remote Personal Assistant that can take that workload off your shoulders?

Look no further!

A good PA understands your personal and business goals, has outstanding organizational
and creative skills to handle whole bundle of tasks related to organizing trips, booking restaurants, finding a good gym near you, arranging meetings, managing your social media, or swiping right on your Tinder.
Here, at Remote Bob, we are committed to doing exactly this.

You expect the best.

We are dedicated to the provision of only the best quality professionals to our customers. By working with UK-based firms, and given our established position in Croatia, we can identify and engage the cream of the crop from the Croatian labor market. Our activities do not stop at selection though; we are able to manage these professionals on our customer’s behalf, guaranteeing the quality of what is delivered, long-term.

Full details of typical duties are available on request.


Tired of signing heaps of paperwork, scheduling appointments, and organizing files? Remote Bob’s Admin Specialists are ready to take some of that work off your hands.

Personal Assistant

Our Virtual Assistants are prepared to be your right-hand helpers, with tasks ranging from checking your email to online shopping for your groceries. Treat yourself to a remote VA.

Customer support

Good-quality customer support is what makes a business favourable in the eyes of clients and customers. Remote Bob’s experts can boast with excellent communication skills in multiple different languages

Lifestyle Management

You would like to book tickets for the cinema, sports activities for your kids, beauty treatment for yourself, find a nanny and a cleaner and plan the best vacations for your loved ones – Sounds like a full time job. What if you can just hire someone affordable and trustworthy to do it, instead of sacrificing all your free time?

Career Support

Many professionals and entrepreneurs find it impossible to keep up with some of their routine (but important) administration tasks. VA can undertake a range of these activities including tracking your expenses, booking meetings, preparing your contracts, coordinating team, and so much more.

Peace of Mind

With your new Virtual PA, you will finally get a significant sense of relief. A VA will give you peace of mind, an extra pair of hands, an extra set of eyes, and so much more. You finally don’t have to deal much with daily operations, and you can start focusing on growing your business!

Marketing Manager

Our Marketing expert will make a customized strategy for promoting your services. The possibilities range from establishing partnerships and advertisement to creating, designing and sponsoring social media posts.

Book a Complimentary Consulting Session
worth £200 about hiring remotely

with Remote Bob team

When a Remote Bob Virtual Employee agrees on an action, you can consider it done.
Our business-educated managerial team monitor the performance of our remote staff. We ensure our resources deliver on time and that they are 100% dedicated to the satisfaction of every one of our clients.

Our only objective is a successful long-term relationship with our clients and team members.