The List of 20 Remote Bob PR Publications: Check Out Where We’ve Been Published!

Here at Remote Bob, we pride ourselves on a number of successful PR publications. We are always happy to exchange our insights, knowledge and experience with our existing and future clients, colleagues and peers.

Now we’ve decided to pool our publications together in this blog post for you to take a closer look. So, buckle up and let’s dive right into it!

What kind of PR publications have we had so far?

Our team members have had the honour to participate in numerous online and live events, podcasts, speaking gigs and mentoring programs. Our work has also been featured in books, magazines, music videos, blog posts, press releases and on the news.

Let’s find out more about each kind.

Press releases

#1 Employee Benefits

In our numerous press release publications, our CEO Barbara explains what Remote Bob really is about and shares her experience from the early start, facing the first start-up challenges, up until now, when the company is growing on a daily basis.

Employee Benefits

#2 Flash.hr

Striving for independence, Barbara ventured into entrepreneurship very early, while still in high school. She started with event organisation and went through extensive formal education. Then she worked as a go-to-market consultant in London and now she runs her own company with her husband, Aman.


#3 Liberty Mind

Living as a digital nomad for years, Barbara has had the opportunity to gather practical knowledge in every country she’s visited so far and develop the art of creative thinking.

Liberty Mind

#4 Kizzi Magazine

But the road there hasn’t been without obstacles. Coming from a small Croatian city and starting and running a company connecting busy London leaders with a high-quality, affordable remote workforce from Croatia… You need the right mindset for it. And Barbara definitely has it.

Kizzi Magazine

#5 Transformify

Barbara can tell you all about shifting from office-centred corporate culture to the concept of remote work. Hiring managers still have doubts about trusting and managing remote workers but the benefits of working remotely cannot be disputed.

If you want to know more about cost-saving, efficiency, the risks and challenges of remote work and working in different time zones, time tracking software and managing a global diverse talent pool, read more here.


Book features and magazines

#6 From Owls to Peacocks

Our story has also been featured in books and magazines. These publications include the book called From Owls to Peacocks by Rafael dos Santos. The book follows the stories of high-profile entrepreneurs from struggle to success, how they started, what challenges they faced, and how they grow their businesses today. If you look closely, you can see our CEO smiling at you from the top row on the book cover.

From Owls to Peacocks

#7 Startups Magazine

If you’ve ever watched those Wall Street movies and thought: “This will be me one day!” but had no idea how to accomplish that, try reading this article in Startups Magazine where Barbara talks about her experience from student to founder.

Startups Magazine

Publications on online and live events, podcasts and speaking gigs

Our dearest PR publications include events, podcasts and speaking gigs. These provide us with excellent opportunities to be in direct communication with other people – current and future investors, clients and employees.

#8 The Ultimate Marketing Strategy Summit

One of these was the 2020 Ultimate Marketing Strategy Summit, gathering the brightest minds in marketing and sales, where Barbara talked about scaling your strategy using virtual teams.

The Ultimate Marketing Strategy

#9 ‘Trokut’ Center for Entrepreneurship and New Technologies

In her home country, Croatia, Barbara holds speaking gigs and live events in which she explains step-by-step the process of becoming a remote worker. She answers the hot questions every beginner has: what remote work is, what kind of remote services you can give, how to find remote work, how to write a good CV and what a day in the life of a remote worker looks like.

‘Trokut’ Center for Entrepreneurship and New Technologies

Blog post publications

Blog posts are always a good way to get the word out about your business.

#10 Outsource Accelerator

To start strong, recently we’ve been listed in the top 25 VA companies in the UK! They’ve deemed us a perfect “matchmaker” between outstanding VAs and busy professionals.

Outsource Accelerator

#11 CTRify.

Our 100 tasks you can delegate to your virtual assistant post has served as a reference to CTRify, the first AI-Powered SEO action platform, which wrote about which SEO tasks you can delegate to your VA.


#12 IdeaBuddy

If your goal is to become an entrepreneur AND you’re a woman, check out the freshest top 10 business ideas for women entrepreneurs in 2022.


#13 Elisa’s London Nannies

And if you’re a mother on top of that, Remote Bob always offers a helping hand to busy moms.

Elisa’s London Nannies

#14 Addition

If you’re hesitating about whether to hire a virtual assistant, read about the top 5 benefits of hiring a VA gathered by our hard-working content writer, Ernad.


#15 Business Management Daily

And if you’re in the role of an aspiring virtual assistant, check out what skills our Nejra and Armin think you need if you want to become the best VA out there.

Business Management Daily

Mentoring programs

#16 Be Your Own Boss

We’re extremely happy that we could share our experience with aspiring female entrepreneurs through a free mentoring program, Be Your Own Boss. This program was intended for female entrepreneurs who wanted to build on their existing knowledge, but also for all women who were just getting started with their own business.

Be Your Own Boss


#17 International Coaching News

We were featured in International Coaching News on why most coaches have a virtual assistant. The answer is simple – they like helping and working with people. Drowning in contracts, invoices, content and social media is not exactly their dream come true. That’s where we hop on – leave those pesky tasks to us and do what you’re passionate about.

International Coaching News

Music videos

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. We are firm believers in that. That’s why we like to take a peek into the music industry as well.

#18 Birthday Pawri – Meet Bros Ft. Amit Mishra, Aditi S Sharma, Mellow D | Arradhya Maan, Nikki Tamboli

Check out what music publications we have for you here. To heat up the atmosphere, you need a crazy birthday party song!

Birthday Pawri – Meet Bros Ft. Amit Mishra, Aditi S Sharma, Mellow D | Arradhya Maan, Nikki Tamboli

#19 Kumovi – Isti je grad

Then, of course, you need a nostalgic love song with a bitter feeling to it.

Kumovi – Isti je grad

#20 Aman Maheshwari || Samjhawan

In the end, you need a song about searching for and finding true love while wandering through beautiful pebble streets in Šibenik, Croatia. Songs for all stages of a good party!

Aman Maheshwari || Samjhawan

In the end

We hope that you’ve checked out some of our PR publications and that they’ve cleared up what we do here at Remote Bob. If you’re interested in finding out more, feel free to contact us!