Outsourcing outside the UK – should you do it?

When you think about outsourcing internationally, what are the things that come to your mind? The view that outsourcing outside the UK is a bad business decision is one that we want to challenge. We live in a world that connects people in different countries at the click of a button, and where technology brings people together, so much so that it feels like they’re right there in the next room. Outsourcing outside of the UK brings benefits of its own, and it’s something that you should seriously consider.

Here are our top 5 reasons why the next time you outsource, you should look past the UK’s shores.

Better than a time machine

Some days, an extra hour or two could make the world of a difference. If your outsourced help is based in a European country, then that’s exactly what you’ll get. Your typical working day will broadly overlap with theirs, meaning that you can communicate throughout the day as and when you need to. However, this comes with the added bonus that they will be in the office an hour or two before you. This means that if you send a list of urgent tasks when you leave for the day, they could be completed before you logon the next day. What’s better than that!

Look after the pennies

The National Minimum Wage for 2019 in Croatia is approx. 505.90 Euro per month*. Compare this with the UK minimum wage of 1,524.50 Euro per month. It’s easy to see how outsourcing outside of the UK could save you some serious money. The exact amount will vary depending on the skill level that you need, including language proficiency and experience. With businesses looking to streamline costs, labor can be the biggest expense. Outsourcing outside the UK provides businesses with the opportunity to take on the extra resource they need at a fraction of the cost, without losing the quality. You can’t tell us that those figures don’t deserve to be looked at in more depth?

Take your pick

A cheaper workforce doesn’t mean by any stretch a less skilled one. If you want to look at numbers again think about the number of workers in the UK, now put that into perspective against the number of workers in Europe. (If you’re interested it’s 32,749,000 vs. 230,356,000**). If you can’t find the right outsourced worker for you in that talent pool then you’re being far too particular! In fact, for particular industries, the extra language skills can far surpass what you find in the UK. Before you outsource any work, it’s worth undertaking a full audit of the skills you think you require and whether there’s any reason why the role couldn’t be fulfilled by someone outside of the UK.

Language Barriers

We all want to be understood, and when we give directions – we want them to be followed without language blocking our way. A perceived language barrier is often cited as a reason why people avoid outsourcing to foreign countries. As we’ve already mentioned, language skills can be a highly useful tool in business. This is also something that can be a criterion when you begin your search for outsourced talent. Of course, the fluency of English required may depend on the role that you’re looking to fill. If you’re looking for someone to provide basic PA support, like confirming meetings and booking travel, then you don’t need someone who can speak English like a native. Conversely, if you want reports writing, then English fluency is a must!

Why not?

Lastly, we’d like to ask you a question – why shouldn’t you outsource to outside the UK? It might not be your first thought, in fact, the thought may not have occurred to you until you read this blog post. But now you’ve had time to process it, can you think of any reason why you shouldn’t? If you’re going to outsource to a remote worker, then does it really matter if they’re based in Dublin or Dubrovnik? Technology has changed the way we work (for the better). That, combined with a reputable agency, helps give you peace of mind in your outsourcing decision.

Thus, go forth and research what your next steps should be. Our advice is – don’t limit yourself to the UK borders when you’re making your next outsourcing decision. After all, as the saying goes, the world is your oyster!

*Correct at the time of writing according to Country Economy.

** Office of National Statistics / Trading Economics

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