Your Online Secretary: Make Creative Use of VAs

Online Secretary

A VA as an online secretary

To varying degrees, all virtual assistants can be thought of as online secretaries. The thing we think of when we think of secretaries is often how useful and helpful they are. Secretaries are there to make our lives easier with their set of expert skills. 

This post is about online secretaries. More specifically, it aims to show you how VAs can be utilized to provide you with similar benefits. 

Without further, ado, here are some creative ideas on how to de-stress your life with a VA.

1. Have them organize your schedule and/or calendar

A good online secretary is organized. Naturally, you’ll want a VA who is more into admin tasks for this. In fact, most of these will be better suited to them rather than more growth-oriented or creative types.

A messy schedule and a calendar that’s all over the place can be the source of much anxiety. Therefore, having a skilled VA reorganize them according to your wishes can bring some much-needed structure and harmony into your life. If you’re like me and love organization but hate organizing, this can seem like a Godsend.

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2. Have them screen your clients

An image of a waiting room comes to mind. Your secretary sits outside of your office and directs people where they need to go. The same thing can apply to an online office and an online secretary.

In this case, you would have your VA talk to your potential clients before you do, making sure they’re right for your business. In a way, it’s like creating a shortlist of people you’d like to do business with. A lot of trust is required for this but it’s a great way to get some weight off of your shoulders.

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3. Have them handle your paperwork

Of course, some papers require your signature, but so much of it is tiresome reading. Don’t even get me started on the hassle of organizing it all. A good online secretary should be able to make your life easier when it comes to handling pesky paperwork.

This doesn’t just apply to contracts, either. Invoices are a great example of a regular hassle. Just because a business is online doesn’t mean there aren’t swathes of documents to deal with. A VA you trust can help you sort through them and make sure you don’t miss important details!

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4. Have them keep track of important events

I always remember Brenda from Liar Liar with Jim Carrey and her thoughtfulness in remembering his son’s birthday when he forgot. Now, you shouldn’t lie nor should you neglect your children, of course, but there’s a lot to be said about the usefulness of an online secretary in this regard.

This task is connected to organizing your calendar, but it involves directly reminding you of things or even taking care of them for you. Don’t let another anniversary go by where your wife is angry with you for forgetting to get her a gift!

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5. Have them proof-read or edit your texts

Traditional secretaries have been known to take dictation. Although that’s something you could also do (with voice calls), we figured the equivalent for an online secretary would probably be editing and/or proofreading.

You can type, after all, but not always perfectly. Nobody can. Checking texts, even with services like Grammarly, can be a royal pain. Fortunately, a good VA can take care of that for you. A good writer can spot mistakes and correct them easily while maintaining the general sense of what you wanted to say.

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Do you need an online secretary?

So, what do you think? After reading through this text, I wonder if you feel like you could use one of these. If you think so, consider booking a free call with us so we can discuss the perfect VA for you.

Is the whole online secretary business not striking your fancy? Don’t worry, there are at least a hundred more uses you can get out of a VA, from growth to more general tasks. The online world is your oyster!

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