Onboarding employees – the HR Grapevine

Onboarding employees is not as simple as one might think. Small businesses, like Remote Bob, know that employee turnover is something to keep at a minimum until it gets necessary to on-board new employees for specific positions inside the company.

Onboarding in HR (Human Resources) in a small company seems much harder than in a bigger company. Why is that?

When you are part of a large company, you mostly already have developed systematisation of workplaces for which you are searching appropriate candidates. You now need someone whose skills match very narrow expertise preference.

69% of employees are more likely to stay with a company for three years if they experienced great onboarding (Source: Society For Human Resources Management).

When you have a small company or a startup company, you are in a process of growing. You need to develop all areas of business at the same time. This includes strategy, sales, marketing, service designing, testing of the market… You would like to have a person who is an expert in each of the mentioned fields. But, you are only at the beginning of the process of growing your business. You cannot afford to hire ten people at once. This means that the onboarding process has to be carried out in such a way that the person you hire needs to be able to cover at least two to three different areas. This is not easy to find.

Once we do manage to find a suitable candidate, we try to make onboarding as easy and comfortable as possible. It is important to have everything and everyone prepared. From the very first day, we make sure that the new employee has all equipment needed for efficient work. We communicate with them daily. You want to check if they know all instructions about how the company operates, who their colleagues are, and who is doing what. We assure that some of the colleagues are at disposal to the new employee for a few hours a day. This will make the infiltration go smoothly.