Meet Our Virtual Assistants at Our Brand New Online Event

Meet Our Virtual Assistants

Soon there’s going to be an opportunity to meet our virtual assistants.

We always talk about how amazing they are, but we wanted to give you a chance to see for yourself. 

The chance to meet our virtual assistants will be in September

On September 1st at 6pm UK time, we’ll be organizing an event where you’ll be introduced the amazing virtual assistants of Remote Bob. We’ll be presenting the very best we have to offer, talking about their skills and proficiencies.

If this doesn’t give you enough info to go on, the guests will have an opportunity to personally interact with our virtual assistants and talk to them about work or just life in general.

The ideal way to meet your next virtual assistant

This event will be great for you because you’ll get an opportunity to meet the perfect virtual assistant for your needs. By being introduced to and speaking with someone, you can get a real feel for who they are and how compatible you are.

Although we don’t like to admit it, this is perhaps the only thing more effective than our free intro calls to get the virtual assistant tailored precisely to your needs.

Don’t waste this amazing opportunity to meet our virtual assistants

Virtual assistants are an invaluable resource to any executive, coach, or consultant.

Think of how much of your day you spend in administrative drudgery. Think of how difficult growing a business can be. There’s so much stress involved in trying to do everything by yourself.

Luckily, we’re organizing this event where you will be able to meet our virtual assistants. Attend our event on September 1st and see first hand what amazing people Remote Bob virtual assistants are. Who knows? You might even walk away with an incredible virtual assistant promising a stress-free future full of fun and productivity!

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