Seven-step guide to manage or hire home-based employees

Manage or hire home-based employees

Some business owners didn’t even remotely expect that they will have to manage or hire home-based employees anytime soon. Thanks to COVID-19, everything changed over the night and more than 95% of companies are now operating remotely. If you want to find out from first hand how to hire, manage and supervise remote workforce, keep reading.

How to (newly) manage or hire home-based employees

guide on managing remote staff

Harvard Business Review is summarizing some of the biggest challenges for employees and entrepreneurs when doing business remotely. Lack of face-to-face supervision, distractions, social isolation and lack of access to information are just some of them. While before you could tap your colleague’s shoulder and ask him a simple question, now you have to call him every  5 minutes to check what he is doing. Establishing structured daily check-ins and providing communication technology options are solutions that can make this situation more bearable. Read the whole article here

7 Tools to Help You Lead Your Company Remotely in the COVID-Era

Business Tools

In your average working day, you will need at least 7 tools to help you manage projects, team, and payments. Other than well-known tools like Loom, TopTracker and Slack, Entrepreneur is highlighting new, innovative tools that are extremely useful during lock-down:

  1. Goals by KeepSolid Business Plan for project management.
  2. CashNotify Pro lets you manage your PayPal and Stripe payments from a single app while
  3. Emails Skript allows you to generate automated scripts and communicate faster.
  4. If your employees are struggling with finding passwords, PassCamp can be a simple solution.
  5. Fiskl Mobile Invoicing App to create and send invoices automatically
  6. Focuster App to improve productivity
  7. Pinstriped for action-orientated meetings

Read more in Entrepreneur’s article.

The Business Advantages of Hiring a Remote Staff

Remote Staff

No one is denying that hiring and managing a remote workforce is different, but there are huge business advantages of hiring remote staff.

If you are trying to hire a developer based in London, you will probably have to give 6 figure salary and work hard to find a good one. While, if you are recruiting a remote talent, there is a limitless talent pool. Furthermore, it is proven that employees are happier when they have the flexibility of working from home, so your retention rate will automatically be higher. Employees are aware that when they are working from home they can’t just reach the office and watch the park through the window for the next 8 hours, because they have to show some results to prove that they actually did work. Hence, productivity is growing!

Before coronavirus, one of the main reasons why business owners were deciding to hire remote staff was to cut back-office costs. Fabulous London based PA will be around 40-50k while the person with the same skills, based in Croatia would be happy to work for 18-23k. But where and how to find a remote staff – visit pages like Upwork to find IT remote workers, and www.remotebob.co.uk for marketing and admin experts. Recruiterbox shares even more details from the HR perspective in their blog on Recruiterbox

Work From Home 2020: The Top 100 Companies For Remote Jobs

work from home

Even for big companies, hiring remote workforce worked great in the future. Forbes launched a list of 100 businesses that love hiring remote staff. Check it here.

If you are considering hiring a remote staff, get in touch!


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