Lead Gen: How Virtual Assistants Can Help

Can virtual assistants help with lead gen?

Lead gen is probably one of the most important aspects of expanding a business. With good lead gen, you will have a constant and steady stream of new clients. However, it is also something that takes a lot of time. Generating leads is one of those monotonous tasks that are so integral to making your business thrive but at the same time can leave you swamped with work.

Luckily, you can easily delegate this task to VAs. In this article, we’ll go into the details of how exactly a VA would handle lead gen and in the end conclude whether or not they’re really necessary.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

LinkedIn and Sales Navigator

For you to fully understand all that goes into lead gen, I think we should start with the basics. One of the best places to generate leads is precisely LinkedIn. It’s the most popular social media website geared towards professionals. Here’s a quick description of how our average VA would go about generating leads:

  1. Firstly, they would use Sales Navigator to find members of their target audience. A target audience it the demographic that your product is most likely to interest and be useful to. Sales Navigator is a handy tool because it allows you to narrow down LinkedIn’s search results using specific criteria you enter.
  2. Secondly, the VA sends connection requests to these people and, after they accept them, they send pre-made initial messages that are meant to start off the conversation on a friendly tone. These messages are usually generic but warm, introductory, and welcoming, not meant to sound overly salesy.
  3. After three days, regardless of replies, a second, longer message is sent detailing the service the company offers. Many people reply to the initial message but those that really count are the ones who respond to the second one with interest.
  4. Now the VA waits for replies. Sometimes this waiting can take a while and you don’t often get that many replies. Out of a hundred people you messaged, one of them might reply to you and sound interested. This is what is referred to as a lead.
  5. The VA then messages anyone who replied back and soon starts sending customized and unique replies in order to wrap the whole thing up and hopefully get a new client.
  6. This is more of a bonus step, but it’s often good to send a follow-up message if some leads haven’t replied for a while. Most of them are busy professionals who often simply forget to reply.

Note: It’s important to maintain a list of your leads so you don’t lose them. This can be done by creating an SQL database with them and converting it into a spreadsheet. Likewise, a similar strategy to this one can be employed with email outreach; you just need a list of email addresses to send the initial email to.

Social media marketing platforms used for lead gen

The art of the outreach message

So now that we’ve overviewed the general process, what kind of message should an original outreach message be, anyway?

Well, the answer to this isn’t so clear cut. It depends on your business and image you’re trying to portray. As we’ve mentioned before, it’s typically best if these initial messages aren’t overly salesy. They should focus on establishing rapport while generating interest at the same time. The message should also contain concise information regarding the services you’re offering.

Generally speaking, there’s a lot of trial and error that goes into figuring out the perfect outreach message, and it can take some time to get it just right.

Additional principles VAs use

  • Be mindful of competition: When focusing on generating leads, it’s good to be aware of what you’re competition is also doing and adjust your efforts accordingly
  • Quality over quantity: Not all leads are created equal. Focus on those that you feel will eventually turn into profitable business opportunities.
  • Don’t be afraid to use emotion: Communicating with potential leads is not all about hard logic. Convincing someone they need your services is mostly about getting emotionally involved and interested.
  • Never stop improving: Once you feel like you’ve hit on the perfect template for the initial message, don’t just hold on to it forever. Keep experimenting with new forms. Who knows? And even more effective format might be right around the corner.
  • Don’t ask for too much information right off the bat: Try not to scare your leads away by asking for too much sensitive info immediately.
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So why do I need VAs for lead gen?

Reading what we’ve written so far, you’ve no doubt caught yourself asking this question. After all, we’ve basically given you the outline of how to generate leads. However, the problem isn’t in the actual difficulty of the task itself, but in the time it takes to do it.

Generating leads is time-consuming and monotonous. It’s a task most executives, CEOs, coaches, speakers, etc. are overqualified for. The reason for hiring a virtual assistant to help you out with it is because you’ll have a reliable way of generating leads without wasting hours of your day that are better spent doing other things.

What about paid lead gen?

True enough, you can pay on platforms like Facebook Ads or Google Ads to get help with generating leads. However, this still requires you to have someone to manage these ads for you. Otherwise, you’ll be left with a similarly time-consuming task, but now much more expensive.

Getting a virtual assistant lead generation service helps with this, although you’ll also need to provide them with a budget, which makes this the pricier option.

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That’s it for this one. In this post we’ve looked at the process a VA might go through while doing lead gen. We’ve gone into the general principles behind it and you should now have a clearer picture of what it takes to generate leads.

You may have noticed that, in actuality, it’s nothing that complicated. Make no mistake however, some of the details like constructing a proper introduction email are often best left to experts who’ve had a lot of experience. Likewise, even if you’re knowledgeable in these topics, it can take a lot out of your day to constantly work on generating leads by yourself (especially if you’re a CEO, speaker, coach, or another kind of executive).

Therefore, we highly recommend you get a VA to handle lead generation for you, and if you’re looking for one, our remote assistant experts at Remote Bob (who all contributed their knowledge and expertise to the writing of this article) are happy to help. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!