Interview Tips for Getting the Job You’re After

Interview tips and their importance

Interview tips can be found all over the internet. They sound like an old, used-up sales catchphrase. After all, if by now we haven’t learned how to make a good impression when applying for a job, is there any hope for us at all?

But it’s not that simple. Interviews are a key component of the job acquisition process. We can never have enough knowledge when it comes to presenting ourselves to our potential employers.

With that in mind, here are ten interview tips to help you get that job you’re after!

1. Have a killer resume

I know. This is an article about interviews. What am I doing talking about resumes? Bear with me. The first step to having a good interview is to get one in the first place, and you won’t do that by having a lacklustre resume. Not only are you trying to impress people, but you’ll also most likely need to impress the ATS (applicant tracking system). For this reason, if you’re not good with inserting the right keywords into your CV, then consider getting it professionally written.

2. Know the company you’re applying at

Having some knowledge about the company you want to work for or even the person that’s going to be interviewing you can give you a serious advantage. Research them on their website and social media to see what they’re like and what they might be looking for.

3. Dress to impress

Far too many job candidates underestimate the value of good style. Whether you’re having the interview in-person or over a video call, you want to look your best. Try and plan out your outfit the night before. Make sure you didn’t forget any important details. Research reliable online sources on style to make sure you knock em’ dead. This will, in turn, help you:

Interview tips dictate that you dress sharply (for example in business suits).

4. Make a great first impression

Although saying that there’s no recovering from a bad first impression is a tad harsh, impressing your potential employer within the first few moments of meeting them will certainly help your chances. Here is where all the classical advice comes in: smile, give them a firm handshake, and try to be positive right off the bat.

5. Practice good manners and body language

This is another classic tip but it’s important. Try not to slouch too much. Look the person interviewing you in the eyes as much as possible. Again, smile whenever you can remember to do so. Try to overall have an open body language but don’t make yourself too comfortable to the point where you appear rude and invasive.

6. Be honest and authentic

I know it’s tempting to maybe try and make yourself sound more impressive, but trust me when I’ll tell you that just telling the truth pays off much more in the long run. Respond honestly to questions and do your best not to ramble on for too long. Short, concrete responses are best. Behave naturally and let your authentic personality shine through. On top of being very endearing and attractive, this also means that you won’t have to act like someone you’re not if (when) you eventually do get the job.

7. Don’t try to impress just one person

If you’re being interviewed in a group, then try your best to treat everyone present equally. This is important among interview tips. Don’t try and single out the person you think is “most important.” This is because the decision to hire you often depends on the impression you left on everyone more or less equally. And, heck, even if the big gun likes you but someone on the committee tells them they noticed some negative behaviour from you, it’ll greatly hinder your chances of getting hired.

8. Be diplomatic

Although some employers look for employees with a bit of spunk, it’s generally bad form to assume a confrontational attitude in an interview. While you shouldn’t censor your opinions, try to express them in a nice, cooperative way. Instead of constantly contradicting what your interviewer is saying (even if you think they’re wrong), try voicing your thoughts by focusing more on the similarities rather than the differences between you. Although you might think this stops you from acting authentically, it doesn’t. All it means is packaging your authenticity in an easy-to-get-along-with, diplomatic package. Besides, I highly doubt you’re authentically an arrogant know-it-all.

Interview tips can help you be diplomatic

9. Ask the right questions

When talking about interview tips we must mention that a job interview is a two-way street. The point isn’t to just sit idly and answer whatever questions come your way. In fact, most interviewers don’t like this. By asking them questions as well, you show your engagement and how serious you are about pursuing the job. That said, don’t grill them to the point of annoyance. Ask questions about what’s expected of you, how your performance will be tracked, how this job interacts with others, and similar topics.

10. Ask about the next steps

Although a lot of interviewers will tell you this anyway, sometimes it’s good to ask. It demonstrates confidence in the likelihood of you getting the job. It also lets them know that you’re organized and dependable. You don’t just chuck things up to random chance. Although the most likely answer is that they will send you an email with your results and further instructions, you should still ask. Who knows? Some companies may have a strange original process that they might forget to mention.

Final thoughts

That concludes our list of ten interview tips to absolutely crush a job interview. Keep in mind that this is just one list, and although fairly comprehensive, you can still find value by looking at other materials you can find online. Check out some of the embedded links in this post and arm yourself with the right job-hunting tools!

We wish you all the best.