Working in an International Team: Top Three Benefits

A few decades or even years ago, if you had said that you worked in an international team, everybody would have looked at you in awe. That would have meant working in a big company or corporation since only they could afford to invest in the logistics and management of international staff.

Nowadays, it’s another story. Even if you work in a small business or a start-up, it’s more than likely that you’re part of an international team. Let’s take a look at what benefits this brings.

What does an international team need to succeed?

Having an international team has become nothing short of a necessity these days. If most of the business is done remotely, technology and different tools can make your lives easier.

Some of these include communication tools like Slack and organisational apps like Asana, which tracks tasks and simplifies team management.

In terms of skills that you need to thrive in an international team, the first that come to mind are, of course, intercultural communication skills and high emotional intelligence. You should learn which cultural differences exist in your team, understand and appreciate them.

Adaptability is also a much-desired trait since the business world is ever-changing. For example, if your colleagues live in different time zones, the team should be able to adapt to it.  

Top three benefits of international teams

Diversity and inclusiveness

A diverse and inclusive work environment has become a must. After all, we live in the 21st century – it was about time. Learning about and from other cultures has never been easier.

As already mentioned, an international team should constantly be working on developing their soft skills, building emotional and cultural intelligence, learning about and accepting differences.

By creating a respectful atmosphere where everyone’s opinion and contribution is equally valued, your company can only thrive.

And even though you might make every endeavour to be inclusive, discrimination may still happen, often involuntarily and unconsciously. Accept your mistakes and learn from them to improve your work relationships.

Creative thinking and problem solving

The first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions creativity is probably art. However, it can also refer to using your imagination and skills to produce new things and solve problems.  

An international team is comprised of people coming from different education systems and bring different ideas, values and ways of thinking to your team.

If you encounter a problem, looking at it from different perspectives will lead to better solutions. You can teach each other to think outside your respective boxes. Some of you will probably discover that you have hidden talents and skills.

Use these opportunities to grow both together as a team and individually. Creativity and creative problem solving will lead to better performance and productivity.  

Knowledge of different markets

Another great thing about having an international team is the fact that your employees will bring you knowledge about different markets they live in or come from.

Your employees can provide you with deep insight into the language, customs, market demands, competition and customer behaviours in different parts of the world.

Such knowledge will give you better customer service as well. Knowing what the customers in different countries want and being able to present your product/service in their language is a big plus.

In conclusion

Working in an international team increases productivity and performance. Your international colleagues will bring different perspectives, ranges of knowledge and skills that the whole team and business will benefit from.

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