Increase Productivity by Doing Less

Do you know the best way to increase productivity?

How to increase productivity

Now that title just screams clickbait, doesn’t it? After all, every piece of advice on how to increase productivity you’ve come across so far says the following:

You wanna increase your productivity? Then work more!

We, however, offer a different solution. A healthier, more sustainable solution, in our opinion. The solution we propose is… *drumroll*…


By intelligently delegating your tasks, you’ll be able to increase productivity (either your own or your company’s) by doing less rather than more. The rest of this post will explore the logic of this suggestion.

Delegating frees up your time

Obvious, no? But it still deserves to be said. This is the primary reason to delegate in the first place.

But, wait a minute, I hear you think, how does having more free time make me more productive? Simple: it stops you from wasting time on repetitive yet essential chores.

Think about it: if you’re just doing your admin work over and over again by yourself for hours every day, are you really being productive? Or are you just doing stuff? There’s a difference between the two. By delegating tasks such as admin chores or social media marketing or lead gen, you are free to focus on more important things to which your skillset is more suited. I’m talking strategizing, communicating, consulting, managing.

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How does that factor into doing less?

Of course, just because you have more free time, doesn’t mean you’ll be doing less. Look at what I’ve just written above. That certainly sounds like doing stuff, maybe even doing more.

Yes and no.

The reality of the situation is that we can’t avoid all tasks all the time. We have to each play our role, after all. However, by doing the tasks you’re more specialized for, you’ll have much more fun. Work will feel less like wasting precious hours and more productive.

Delegating tasks properly

We’ve already written a post about this. In short, proper delegation can help you increase productivity. If you just delegate tasks willy nilly, you’ll be left with too many fires to put out and the whole thing will backfire. For that reason, we advise you to educate yourself on proper delegation.

Once you learn to delegate tasks properly (either to VAs or in-house employees), you will have more free time and your tasks will be done smoother, faster, and easier. The goal is to create a system that functions like a well-oiled machine. You simply then have to monitor it from your base of operations.

Doing less means less stress (see what I did there?)

We say that you can increase productivity by doing less, but why? Why is that valuable? Isn’t hard work a virtue, after all?

Well, once again, yes and no. Although a certain level of work and dedication are necessary to achieve what we want in life, taking it to the extreme can often create uncomfortable levels of stress. This can mess with our mental and physical health, ironically making us less productive.

Therefore, it’s doubly beneficial to sometimes let up and take a break.

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Your many hands

You by yourself have only two hands. By delegating tasks, however, you can multiply that exponentially.

To increase productivity, you need more manpower. You sometimes simply can’t deliver on all of your duties by yourself, no matter how hard you try. In those situations, as well, delegating can mean less work and more productivity by definition.


Productivity is a tricky thing. We often think that the only thing we need to do to be more productive is to work more or harder. However, sometimes all that is needed is a more strategic approach to work.

By delegating tasks you can achieve this. Let capable others do your more repetitive work for you so that you can focus on that what really matters (or just take a freakin’ break!).

If you’re interested in these capable others, why don’t you get in touch with us and see for yourself?