How to end a relationship with your VA with 8 quick tips

how to end a relationship with your VA

How to end a relationship the easy way

How to end a relationship? This has never been an easy question to answer. Some hurt feelings are inevitable, after all.

First of all, we don’t mean a romantic relationship. If you’re hiring VAs to date them that’s not our department (although we do some crazy stuff). This post is talking about a professional relationship.

There’s lots of advice out there. Be honest, direct. Tell the other person or company why things didn’t work out. Maybe before terminating the partnership try and work on any sticking points. All of that’s well and good, but it’s BORING.

What if we told you, though, that YOU don’t have to be the one ending anything?

In this post, we’ll give you 8 easy tips that will tell you how to end a relationship with your VA easily and in such a way that they’ll never want to work with you again!

Let’s get to it.

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Tip #1: Don’t onboard them

The key to destroying a good relationship starts at the beginning. If you don’t properly onboard your VA, they’ll be more likely to make mistakes later on. That’ll set you up for some of the following tips. What’s more, the added confusion will make them start resenting you sooner rather than later. Make sure to build a solid foundation here.

Tip #2: Blame them personally for every mistake

That’s right. This is a very important tip. It doesn’t matter if some of those mistakes weren’t their fault. They didn’t have enough information? They weren’t provided with the right tools? Doesn’t matter! Blame them anyway. This is how to end a relationship with your VA without actually ending it yourself. You get bonus points if you do it in an angry way.

Tip #3: Avoid communicating your wants and needs

Every solid relationship is built on communication, right? Of course! Therefore, to end a relationship we just need to reverse engineer that. Clever, right? What you want to do here is never tell them exactly what you’re looking for. This plays in greatly with tip two because you can then blame them for the inevitable mistakes that arise. Or even better: don’t actually tell them about any mistakes along the way (which puts you in danger of them asking what they could improve) but wait until the end to tell them they did a lousy job.

Tip #4: Establish no clear communication systems

Another tip in favour of annihilating good communication. If you have a reliable way to communicate, you’ll communicate more easily. Remember, this is what we’re trying to avoid when we talk about how to end a relationship with your VA. Thus, it’s recommended that you avoid telling them directly where they can reach you. Better yet, tell them you answer on Slack or WhatsApp, but only reply to emails. That chaos and confusion are key.

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Tip #5: Overload them with work

Everyone loves being stressed, right? That’s why you’re trying to get rid of your VA—so you can be more stressed. Overloading your VA with work is a great next tip. If being underappreciated won’t make them budge, being overworked and underappreciated certainly might do the trick. If you’re really looking to be effective, try giving them work that wasn’t originally agreed on or things they’re not experts in. That’ll show ‘em.

Tip #6: Don’t tell them your standard operating procedures

This is one of the easiest practices to implement when we talk about how to end a relationship with a VA. Don’t tell them how you normally do things. Expect them to figure out exactly how to perform the tasks you’ve assigned. If they can’t do it by themselves, are they even worthy of working with you? And don’t forget, this leaves you with the perfect opportunity to employ tip two again. It’s perfect!

Tip #7: Don’t keep track of their hours

You have to pay your VA, right? Well, yes, but not a lot. It doesn’t matter how much they’ve worked if there’s no record of it. This might work in their favour, sure, but any diligent VA won’t rush to slack off. This is one of those things that’ll probably get your VA to leave you the quickest, especially if you make their compensation meagre and inversely proportional to how much work they’ve done.

Tip #8: Expect them to solve all of your problems

VAs are amazing, right? They should be the magic pill you need to solve all of your business problems! It makes sense, therefore, that after you hire one and all of your issues are yet to disappear, you get angry and demand justice. Sure, you might feel less stressed. Sure, you have more time for your family. Okay, yes, you were also able to take up bowling with the mates on Fridays again. But, who cares?! As long as everything isn’t absolutely perfect, your VA is a failure and that mindset is exactly how to end a relationship with them.

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Ok, we lied. There are actually two extra tips we have for you coming directly from one our VAs and from our CEO.

Marin’s tip: Be condescending and/or patronizing

After all, you know how it’s done, right? They’re clearly messing things up with their bad approach. Sure, you might’ve hired a VA in the first place because you needed help with that particular task, but the point is that you know better than your VA. Always assume they’re idiots.

Barbara’s tip: Expect more than what you agreed on

You’ve agreed on five hours a day of work from your VA? A great way to end it a VA is to message them outside of this agreed-on time. Ask them for work you didn’t initially ask for.


Hope that helps! These tips on how to end a relationship with your VA should work. Unless you’re dealing with a selfless saint, most people will abandon you if you skillfully apply the above tips.

Okay, seriously now. This post was a bit of a joke, but there’s a point to it. Obviously, the above tips are things you shouldn’t do if you want a long and fruitful relationship with your VA. If you want concrete help with actually maintaining a quality collaboration, check out our posts here and here.

As always, if you’re interested in our services, consider booking a free call to talk about your needs and get that busy life of yours sorted out!

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