Hiring a Virtual Assistant: Expense or Investment?

Is hiring a virtual assistant an expense or an investment?

Hiring a virtual assistant has become fairly commonplace in the business world. CEOs, coaches, speakers, managers, and other high-level executives are all beginning to wake up to the reality that small, mundane tasks are taking up so much of their time. In response to this, they decide to hire virtual assistants.

But how valuable are virtual assistants in reality? Are they a worthwhile investment or are they simply another expense? To answer this question, we’ve prepared a blog post discussing the two sides of the argument. By the end of it, you should have a clearer idea regarding whether or not hiring a virtual assistant is worth it.

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That said, let’s start first with all the reasons why:

Virtual assistants are an expense

They can be expensive in the short term

To be fair, if you’re hiring a virtual assistant, and hiring a good one, it can sometimes seem like a lot of money to spend, especially in the short term. Depending on their experience level, a virtual assistant can cost you anything from £10 to £25 an hour. It’s up to you to decide where in this price range you’re most comfortable with.

Also, it’s an expense in the sense that you’re now paying an additional person where before you weren’t really paying anyone to do certain tasks. However, keep in mind that this really only applies in the short term and that you generally shouldn’t get hung up on numbers like this. When we come to the reasons why VAs are investments, you’ll better see their true value.

Some freelancers may overcharge

In a previous article, we’ve written about the two ways you can go about when trying to find a VA. One of them is hiring a random freelancer. We’ve listed several reasons over why this isn’t the best strategy, but here’s another one: random freelancers may overcharge. Not only that, but they don’t even provide a lot of the advantages we list later because you still have to waste time onboarding and monitoring them.

It’s much better to hire a VA through a dedicated virtual assistant company, where prices are standardized and you can find amazing deals.

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Now for the reasons why:

Virtual assistants are an investment

Your time is priceless

Well, maybe not priceless, but it’s certainly expensive. Think of all the time you waste daily on tasks that are beneath you, so to speak. All of those emails you answered today, those few social media posts you tried to optimize, and all those endless admin duties add up. At the end of the day, you barely have enough time to do the tasks you’re most qualified for, let alone for any leisure time. This can quickly lead to developing chronic stress.

Hiring a virtual assistant means that you can delegate all those chores to someone else and reclaim some of those precious hours for yourself. The returns you get in this sense grossly overshadow any initial expenses.

Some moments are irreplaceable

Continuing on in the spirit of the last section, I want you to picture something. It’s a Saturday night. Your entire family is home. There’s a magnificent turkey laid out for dinner and everyone’s happy and smiling, eager to eat. Only… there’s one thing missing. That thing is YOU. In this scenario, you’re just an empty chair at the end of the table. Why? Because you’re wasting time at the office trying to sign off on Brandon’s contract and make sure you get back to Stephen on time.

Why allow these types of situations to occur? Aren’t moments like the one described above positively priceless? Spending time with your friends and family is one of the best sources of meaning in your life. Don’t let it go to waste because there will come a time when these moments aren’t available to you anymore. Hiring a virtual assistant will allow you to only concentrate on those tasks which fully require your expertise. The others you can delegate to them and go home in order to spend some quality time with your loved ones.

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Improved results and efficiency

Finally, VAs are sometimes simply better and more efficient and doing certain tasks, which can often bring increased profits. Let’s first start off with the example of a highly-trained, senior VA. Of course, you’ll have to pay them a bit more than the average Joe, but think of all that they can do for you. They’re not only limited to a few tasks, but can also help you with more advanced errands like lead generation, finding speaking gigs, or even handle elements of design. This saves you a lot of money in the long run as you don’t need separate agencies for these things.

Secondly, although we don’t doubt your personal skills, VAs are often trained specifically for their respective tasks. They’re experts in administrative chores, social media management, SEO content writing, etc. The products of their labour will very often bring you more profitable results than those of your own.


Although they can seem expensive at first, VAs really pay for themselves in the long run. From our experience, our clients have usually seen their profits increase by at least 27% after hiring a virtual assistant. This is not a small margin.

Furthermore, a lot of them send us messages of gratitude saying how they have the best work-life balance they have ever had. Some of them have never even had any in the first place. Now, however, with a VA handling all those pesky, time-consuming little chores, they have more time to dedicate to themselves and their loves ones.

The key to any good investment is your ability to think in the long-term. Few things seem profitable when looked at through a narrow slit. If you look at things objectively we’re sure you’ll come to a similar of not the same conclusion we did.

So what do you think after reading this article? Are VAs an expense or an investment?