Free Time Activities for after You’ve Delegated Your Chores

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Spending your free time

We spend (get it?) a lot of our not so free time talking about task delegation and virtual assistants. Delegate your tasks, we say, and you’ll have more time for other things!

That’s all well and good, but what’s the point? Just because you have more time doesn’t mean you know how to spend it. It’s for this reason that we’ve decided to give you some ideas on how to spend your time outside of work.

We’re not trying to sound condescending. It’s simply a fact that many hard-working people have trouble relaxing. Don’t worry, though, we’re here to help!

Here are some of our ideas:

#1 – Take up a hobby

I know, I know. Sounds too obvious. However, we often forget about those things that are right under our nose.

Taking up a new hobby or reengaging with a new one can be a great way to refresh your life. Whether this involves some kind of sport or more sedentary activity, it will invariably rejuvenate you. Having a consistent hobby brings some structure into your life that has nothing to do with work. A lot of us forget such things exist.

So while our VAs are taking care of your digital chores, why not play a few games of chess or poker?

#2 – Go on vacation

Depending on how rich you are, this might only be feasible occasionally. Regardless, going on vacation in your free time can be really beneficial to your physical and mental health.

What we mean here specifically is going abroad for a vacation. Visit that tropical island you’ve always dreamed of. Take a trip to that labyrinthian European capital from fairytales. Go mountain-climbing in the Alps. Vacations provide an ideal way for you to reset your body and mind. After you come back, you’ll be sharper than ever and ready to take on the world.

And, as a personal favor to our CEO, consider visiting Dalmatia.

View of Tourist Resort you can visit in your free time

#3 – Spend time with friends and family

Our free time need not necessarily be spent alone. There are important people in our lives that we often neglect in order to focus on work.

Spending quality time with our loved ones has been scientifically proven to improve our mood and overall happiness. As social animals, we crave human interaction. Successful businesspeople can often lose sight of this plain truth, and so it’s therefore beneficial to tap into this primal need from time to time.

Just promise us that when you’re down at the pub with your mates and toasting to your freedom you won’t forget about Remote Bob and all we do for you.

#4 – Focus on another project

Just because you have some free time doesn’t mean you need to slack off, either!

I’m sure you have other creative projects you’ve always wanted to focus on but couldn’t because of your primary occupation. Well, good news! Once you’ve delegated your digital chores to us, you can spend that newfound time on those neglected pursuits.

Who knows, maybe you’ll eventually need VAs for that as well!

Turned Off Macbook Air Beside Black Pen on Book

#5 – Learn a new skill

Finally, you can productively spend your free time and earn a new skill.

This skill can tie into your work or personal life. Learning new skills is one of those things that’s always beneficial in the long run. If you’re someone who’s constantly striving to better themselves, this’ll definitely be a good way to go for you. Besides, it can also be quite relaxing, especially if it doesn’t involve a lot of physical activity beyond sitting in a chair by a warm fireplace with a book in your lap.

Just please don’t learn any skills that our VAs can do for you!


So there you go, my friends. Hope you’ve found these tips useful. We want to you enjoy the time we free up for you, and so we’ve offered you some neat ways to spend your time outside of work.

If you’re unaware of what we’re talking about when we talk about our VA benefits, then consider getting in touch with us and making us of our awesome services and packages.

If you do, you’ll have lots and lots of free time to figure out how to spend.