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Some parents are self-employed, trying to keep their business going, or working as essential employees and saving lives while their little ones have nowhere to go. Looking after the children in crisis is obviously quite a challenge so parents are using different solutions to keep their children safe and happy: hiring a short-term or a long-term nanny, mother’s helper or a Virtual Assistant to help them with organizing their time can make their life easier.

How to avoid risk when hiring a nanny during the lockdown?

1. Local Nanny

Companies like Elisa’s London Nannies are going that extra mile for their customers and source local nannies who can avoid public transport and ideally walk or cycle to work.

2. Safer transport

There is also another option that parents pick-up and drop-off nanny in case they are driving, or even give her access to the second car (if they have one) during this period.

3. Regular check-ups & First Aid Certificate

On top of this, their nannies are checking their temperatures regularly and make sure they are healthy and have Pediatric first aid certificates that are renewed regularly, so they know how to react in an emergency situation.

Elisa’s London Nannies are offering 10% off their fees during the lockdown crisis to help overwhelmed parents to overcome this crisis. Check their website here.

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