Frequently asked questions

How quickly can I expect to get my VA?

Unless you have very unique requirements, it’s essentially guaranteed that you’ll be matched with your ideal VA in under 24 hours.


What if my social media expert makes posts that I don’t like?

We guarantee that all of our social media experts will stick to your instructions. However, this means that your instructions must be clear and comprehensive. Initially, your social media expert will usually consult you every step of the way to make sure they’re on the right track. If they do something completely unrelated to your instructions (even though this never happens), we’ll make sure to compensate you. We guarantee our remote experts will deliver their quality work on time.


How are remote employees’ working hours tracked?

Our remote employees input their hours into a google sheet, making sure to be as detailed as possible. This gives you a clear and transparent insight into what tasks they spent time on. You can ask for a report on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. We also have a standardized table where the average time to perform tasks is indicated, thus guaranteeing a certain level of productivity.


What tasks do VAs usually perform?

They can perform a range of different tasks, from personal assistance tasks such as answering emails, taking care of personal affairs, invoicing, contracts preparation, scheduling appointments and meetings, to marketing support like SEO content writing, social media management, PR pitching, outreach, competitor analysis, and more! However, our VAs don’t do tasks which demand advanced tech know-how such as coding or web design.


What if I subscribe to a package with fixed hours, e.g. 20 hours a month?

We’ll make sure that those 20 hours are actual work hours spent on tasks. If we see that we’ve some time left we’ll ask for more tasks from you, and if we see that we’re going to go over the limit then we’ll ask you in advance to give us the green light more hours.