Mental Health: Caring for Your Mind as an Executive

Have you been taking care of your mental health?

The neglected mental health of executives

According to hrmagazine.co.uk, “CEOs are more prone to mental health issues because of their particular character traits and psychological make-up.” Many successful entrepreneurs like Elon Musk report dealing with unheard of amounts of stress, anxiety, or depression. No wonder, too. Having so much responsibility creates enormous amounts of pressure.

If left unaddressed, these issues can balloon and create bigger problems in one’s life. That’s why we’ve decided to give you five tips on taking care of your mental health.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Journaling

Journaling can be a great option for gathering your thoughts. There are many different types of journaling, from bullet journals to simple diaries. The most important thing is to choose that which suits you the most.

The idea behind journaling is that many of our mental health problems come from thoughts that haven’t been fully processed or developed. By taking a pen and writing them out on paper, we can remedy this problem. In the end, we should have a healthier and clearer mind, ready to cope with the demands of a busy life.

Elderly Woman Busy Writing as a mental health exercise

2. Exercise

Nothing new, right? We’ve all heard how good exercise can be for our physical and mental health. Physical activity releases lots of neurotransmitters which raise your mood and make you feel better overall. What’s more, being healthier will usually make you feel happier as well.

We’re not saying you need to join a gym immediately. Even something as simple as a brisk 20-minute walk can drastically improve your day. If you’re more of an athletic type, jogging and weightlifting can provide even greater benefits. As with journaling, just be sure to find what works for you. You’ll be more likely to stick to it.

An on Treadmill

3. Spiritual practices

Religion has gone out of fashion for many people. And that’s okay. Luckily, there are many spiritual practices we can employ to improve our mental health without following a belief system. Things like yoga and meditation can be practised in a fully secular manner.

Fundamentally, these are relaxation techniques. They work by clearing our minds of unnecessary baggage and grounding us in the present moment, where things like worry and anxiety can’t reach us. Of course, if you have a particular spiritual or religious tradition you follow and love, feel free to practice that. Everything helps.

Silhouette of Man Sitting on Grass Field at Daytime meditating for mental health

4. Therapy

Whether it’s cognitive-behavioural therapy, good ol’ fashioned psychoanalysis, or the Gestalt approach, therapy remains an invaluable option for preserving our mental health. Most entrepreneurs are aware of the possibility of therapy, but not all take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

The most important thing is to find a good therapist that fits you. They should also, ideally, know their stuff. The advantage therapy has over many other methods listed here is that it’s a very targeted and concrete way to tackle certain specific issues. It works great in combination with some other methods we’ve listed here.

Person in Black Pants and Black Shoes Sitting on Brown Wooden Chair

5. Hiring a virtual assistant

As we’ve mentioned before, entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches etc, often experience mental health problems because of stress. That’s why having someone to take some work off of your shoulders can be both healing and liberating.

VAs are a great option for this. They will take on those tasks that you wish you didn’t have to do while leaving you with the work you truly love. Delegating will allow you to rediscover your hobbies, spend more time with friends and family, take that trip you’ve been putting off, and do many other things which can positively contribute to your wellbeing.

Side view of cheerful female employee of good mental health in formal outfit sitting on office chair with crossed legs on desk and stretching while resting during work with closed eyes

What we can help with

Sadly, Remote Bob does not offer therapy or meditation classes. We do, however, have some amazing VAs for anyone interested. Book a free call with us and let’s see if we can help you solve your issues.

Make sure not to wait too long. Mental health can be a fragile thing and sometimes we don’t know that we’re neglecting ours before it’s too late. We hope that the tips we’ve given you in this post can make you, at the very least, 10% happier.


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