An amazing executive assistant deal

The executive assistant (whether virtual or IRL) has become an indispensable asset to many businesses around the world. This post will go into detail about how and why, but we must first get something out of the way.

We’re proud to announce that Remote Bob has struck an amazing deal with the company Eligent. On top of the many benefits members of Eligent already enjoy, this deal offers them far better prices for our service packages. These are the following:

1. Basic Executive Assistant £76 instead of £100 per week

  • Arranging meetings
  • Answering emails
  • Invoicing
  • Preparing contracts
  • Managing one social media channel

2. Upscale Executive Assistant £137 instead of £170 per week

  • Arranging meetings 
  • Answering emails  
  • Invoicing  
  • Preparing contracts
  • Managing up to 3 social media channels
  • LinkedIn outreach
  • PR Pitching

3. Exclusive Executive Assistant £299 instead of £380 per week

  • Arranging meetings 
  • Answering emails  
  • Invoicing  
  • Preparing contracts
  • Managing up to 3 social media channels
  • LinkedIn outreach
  • PR Pitching
  • Building Meetup community
  • Organising events and promoting them
  • High-quality SEO-optimised blog article
  • Banner design
  • Newsletter

But why should Eligent members be excited about this? What’s so special about our executive assistant services that they can’t find anywhere else? Well, read on and find out!

executive assistant on the job

The benefits of having an assistant

Before we delve into all the awesome unique advantages Remote Bob offers, let’s talk about the general pluses of having an online assistant.

They save you time

This is undeniably one of, if not the greatest reason to hire a virtual assistant. Think about it. You probably spend so much time doing mechanical, laborious tasks which you are overqualified for and yet they need to be done. That email needs to be answered. That meeting has to be scheduled so that it works for everyone. So many wasted hours and even days that could have been better and more productively spent.

With an assistant, you get all of these things done without having to do them yourself. For high-level executives and entrepreneurs, this is invaluable. It frees you up to focus on management and developing your business.

They may notice things that would otherwise get past you

This point somewhat relates to the last one. Being a busy, successful individual, you can often be overwhelmed with work. A lot of it can seem insignificant, but one mistake can mean the difference between a key meeting being held at a proper time and you ending up with only three people on the call. It can also mean failing to post an important update on your LinkedIn which would have generated you tons of leads!

If you, on the other hand, have a virtual assistant completely focused on managing one part of your business, they will be able to give it their undivided attention. This means far fewer missed opportunities and more consistent productivity.

They may be more skilled than you in certain areas

Let’s face it—although we’d all like to be masters of all trades, there’s only so much time a person has on their hands. Being a high-level executive doesn’t exactly leave you with plenty of time to take courses in SEO-sensitive writing and webpage design. Even if you have some knowledge in these areas, it’s unlikely you’ll be as good as someone who’s dedicated themselves to mastering them.

Having an executive assistant (or several!) means you’re not only limited to what you know. Leave your marketing to the marketing expert. Leave the content writing to an SEO specialist. With all of the gears in your business turning smoothly, there’s no telling how far you’ll get!

Advantages that Remote Bob offers

Although we could go on for days about the benefits of virtual assistants in general, let’s now take some time to discuss why Remote Bob specifically is special.

Remote Bob’s speciality lies in taking care of the one thing that puts most people off of hiring assistants: the hiring process.

God, the hiring process… it’s awful, right? Realize you have a problem, put out a job ad or search on LinkedIn for someone who can help you, find a random freelancer, try and explain to them what you need them to do, watch them do the complete opposite, realize they’ve never done Instagram marketing in their lives, repeat the cycle. It’s such a hassle that it almost defeats the purpose of hiring an assistant despite all the advantages.

Remote Bob, however, handles all of that for you, from scouting to onboarding to delegating tasks. All you have to do is say what you need from us, and we’ll provide you with an adequate assistant or team that can take care of all your needs flawlessly. What’s more, you can be sure that they are a trusted, long-time member of Remote Bob.

woman relaxed because she doesn't have to worry about hiring an executive assistant

So what are you waiting for?

After reading all of this you are probably considering making use of some of our services. If you are, that’s great! You’re clicks away from getting in touch with the executive assistant of your dreams.

Email us at info@remotebob.co.uk or give us a call at +447479252004 to get acquainted and talk about all of the wonderful services we can offer you for unparalleled prices! The code word for the discount is ELIGENT2020.

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