Delegating for Consultants: A Case Study

Are you a consultant who hasn't tried delegating yet?

Delegating needs of consultants

You’ve heard it all by now when it comes to delegating. VAs are miracle workers (according to us, anyway). We still stand by that, but you might need something more concrete.

That’s why, instead of another post abstractly praising what we can do for you, we’ve decided to provide you with an overview of how exactly VAs can help a specific type of client: a consultant in this case.

Among the people who can benefit from VAs (high-level executives, consultants, coaches, etc.), consultants are both unique and general. On the one hand, they have similar needs to everyone else. On the other, they have some tasks unique to their profession.

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Delegating anything

While reading this post, keep an eye out for more nuanced and unusual tasks. This is what we mean when we suggest you expand your idea of what is possible or recommended to outsource. Since this is a case study, we will be providing real-world examples of outsourced tasks and the amount of time it saves. Hopefully, this will give you a concrete idea of the value VAs can provide.

We’ve no shortage of posts talking about the tasks you can outsource in general. Take a look here and here if you’re interested in those. They apply across the board to all types of clients, more or less. That said, let’s get more into the nitty-gritty, the specifics with:

Our client

Let’s call her Nicky for the sake of anonymity. She came to us, like most of our clients do, overwhelmed with work and longing for freedom. But she didn’t want to give up her productivity.

The solution? Yep, you guessed it: VAs.

One of our VAs in particular showed incredible dedication and support to Nicky’s cause. Let’s take a look at some of the tasks Nicky wanted delegating:

  • Checking content email
  • Checking social media
  • Writing newsletter
  • Writing event, courses, and appearances posts
  • Checking feeds
  • Writing blog posts
  • Updating web layout, copy, collateral
  • Updating content calendar
  • Joining email lists
  • Updating marketing themes and key holidays
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Quite a bit, isn’t it? It appears different when you look at it this way rather than through the broad categories of delegating content writing or admin work.

As you can see, none of these tasks is particularly huge. They seem like housekeeping for the most part. However, the compound effect of having to do all of them by herself would’ve driven our client to a stressed-out frenzy.

Notice, also, the specificity of the tasks. Did you know you can have a VA check your social media feeds? Well, now you do! Very often, the important bit is to just ask. Here’s a post where you can see just how unusual tasks we deal with can get!

Time saved

One of the primary purposes of delegating is saving time. So, let’s see if we can walk our talk. How many minutes, hours, or even days did we save our client?

Roughly 23 hours a month.

The tasks whose delegation saved the most time were content writing and checking email. No surprise there. Altogether they made up around half of those 23 hours.

Disappointed? Were you expecting astronomical numbers like 500 hours a month?

We also have to be realistic. Everything depends on how much you practice outsourcing. For Nicky, this was what she was comfortable with outsourcing and she basically got another full day in her month because of it. That’s huge. A whole other day to do the things that really matter to her and that she excels at, rather than messing around with checking social media.

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And there you have it, fellow consultants. That’s what delegating can do for you if you open up to it. Now, of course, Nicky’s experience was coloured by the number of tasks she needed and was comfortable with outsourcing. Yours will vary accordingly. Don’t think that this is some gold standard or anything.

What this post is meant to give you is a general idea of what’s possible. Hopefully it inspires you to get in touch with us and reclaim a couple of hours or days in your month.

Our diligent assistants are waiting.

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