Creative Virtual Assistant Benefits to Refresh Your Business

Creative virtual assistants

Why you should hire creative virtual assistants

In a previous post, we mentioned creative virtual assistants as a particular type of VA. However, the label creative can be utilized more broadly to refer to any VA that is imaginative, proactive, and capable.

These VAs are those that don’t only take orders but offer their own suggestions as well. They have initiative. Of course, this might not be what you’re looking for. In this post, however, we’ll try to convince you otherwise.

Here are five reasons why creative virtual assistants could revolutionize your business.

1. A creative virtual assistant can see your blind spots

You’re bold and you’re confident. That’s fine. You have reasons to be. However, sometimes our own hubris gets in your way. Not even that—sometimes we’re just too distracted to notice certain mistakes.

A creative VA can help you by pointing out these blind spots and offering solutions. Remember, they don’t just blindly follow orders. They think carefully about what it is that’s being asked of them. They’re also skilled enough to notice when, for example, your social media strategy isn’t what it could be or your company lacks a unifying design language.

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2. They can surprise you with their designs

VAs who deal with growth and/or design usually have a lot of creativity and initiative. This means that they can often inspire you with what they come up with. That is if you’re willing to untie their hands a little bit.

Skilled designers can see angles you might not have considered. Therefore, if you’re having an exceptionally creative virtual assistant designing your logos, social media posts, banners etc., consider letting them know that they can get a little wild. You can always veto any changes you dislike. 

3. A creative virtual assistant doesn’t need a lot of supervision

… if you can handle their ideas! Because of their independent nature, a VA with a lot of creativity will not always need to be supervised. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill, spell-everything-out-for-me VA!

This is especially good news if you’re someone who doesn’t suffer from a lot of delegation anxiety. That means that you can comfortably delegate tasks to others without worrying about controlling every little detail. Of course, this comes with its own risks, but you might be surprised as to how fresh and beneficial a new set of ideas can be.

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4. They will be more efficient in performing tasks

Creativity isn’t just drawing and colouring. It has a lot to do with intelligence and resourcefulness as well. Some creative virtual assistants, because of their industriousness, can figure out highly efficient ways to perform the tasks you give them. This will lead to fewer working hours which means more bang for your buck!

Of course, you shouldn’t use this fact to mistreat any of the VAs you hire, but it’s a nice little way to save some money. Besides, most VAs are hired on a per-hour basis, meaning that ultimately everyone will be happier when some creativity is applied.

5. A creative virtual assistant will inspire others

Are you tired of having to always outline every single little detail to your employees or other VAs? If so, you must really be hankering for someone more independent and creative!

Luckily, if you hire a creative VA, you might be able to reap more benefits than even the ones mentioned above. In our era of the competitive workplace, other employees of yours, as well as other VAs, might see the new addition to your team and, after the pangs of jealousy have subsided, try emulating them, giving you a decked out team of creative juggernauts.

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Still think you don’t need a creative virtual assistant?

Okay, okay. I know you didn’t necessarily say you didn’t need one. I’m just playing a bit. In all seriousness, though, we have plenty of creative VAs at Remote Bob. If you’re interested, feel free to book a free call with us so we can discuss your needs. Don’t worry, we even have some non-creative VAs if that’s what you’re looking for.

Or you can read some more of our creative blog posts. The world is your oyster.

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