Common Mistakes When Working With VAs

Have you made any of these common mistakes when working with VAs?

Are you making these common mistakes?

There are some common mistakes most people make when they first start working with VAs (virtual assistants). These mistakes, while not always lethal to the relationship, can make working together difficult.

In this post, we’ve decided to go over these common mistakes. It’ll give you a head start on working with your VA and prevent you from making beginner errors. When you see how easy this makes working with a VA, you’ll thank us!

After all, it’s always better to learn from the mistakes of others, right?

Without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Not onboarding them properly

To be useful to your business, a VA needs to know what it’s all about. One of the common mistakes people make when hiring VAs is insufficiently introducing them to what their business has accomplished so far and where it’s heading. That prevents the VA from working synergistically with the rest of your team.

Onboarding can be tedious and time-consuming, though. That’s why it’s good to hire VAs through companies that, to an extent at least, take care of the onboarding process for you. That way you get the benefits without the drawbacks.

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2. Micro-managing

The whole point of delegation is less stress. You’re trying to lighten your workload so you can focus on what you want to do. One of the common mistakes people make is trying to micromanage their VAs. They end up wasting more time than they would’ve otherwise.

We understand, though. Task delegation anxiety is no joke. It can be difficult to let go of control and trust someone to do your tasks for you. You can read more about this process in this article we’ve written specifically on this topic, but know that it’s a fairly common obstacle to experience.

3. Not communicating well enough

Communication is the cornerstone of every good relationship, even business ones. It’s unfortunate, though, that ineffective communication is among the common mistakes people make when working with VAs. This mistake is pernicious in that it can often sneak up on you. Many people make it subconsciously.

It boils down to being direct and accurate while not expecting either party to know information that hasn’t hitherto been revealed to them. Don’t expect VAs to be mind-readers and try to openly voice desires and concerns. It goes both ways, though, and good VAs know that.

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4. Giving tasks to the wrong VA

You have to know what you need before hiring a VA. This will prevent you from making one of the common mistakes that catch some people off-guard: your needs not being appropriate for a particular VA’s help.

This isn’t their fault (usually). If you’ve hired a VA who specializes in admin tasks, it’s not always the case that they’ll be able to help you with, say, social media marketing as well. Although VAs can have diverse skillsets, stick to tasking your VA with the tasks both of you have agreed on, and ask beforehand if you need more assistance. Usually, hiring another VA will help there.

5. Not setting clear/measurable goals

One of the most common mistakes we see with people hiring VAs is vague or, even worse, nonexistent goal-setting. Goals are not only important for your VA to know what they need to do, but also for measuring their performance. How will you know if they’re doing what you need if you don’t even know what you need them to do?

The key here is setting measurable goals. Instead of merely telling your VA to “do a great job” or “give it their all”, let them know exactly what results you expect. Numbers are your friend here.

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6. Not monitoring their work properly

Monitoring your VAs work is essential to maximizing their effectiveness. While we at Remote Bob ensure our VAs are diligent and trustworthy, blindly trusting rogue VAs is one of the most common mistakes that can lead to the failure of that whole endeavour.

Fortunately, it’s not that difficult to monitor their work. You can use a combination of excel sheets and Clockify, for example (as we do) or, if your VAs aren’t random freelancers, trust the company to do it for you. Either way, it pays off to do it.

7. Being seduced my low prices

Our last common mistake has to do with finances and hiring, which are everyone’s sore spots. It can be tempting to hire a random freelancer you see on social media when you see their lower hourly rates. However, by doing so you miss out on all of the benefits of working with a VA company.

VAs that are backed by the infrastructure of their entire company are less likely to cheat on their hours, generally provide higher quality work, and spare you those precious hours of painstaking onboarding. They might indeed be a bit more expensive sometimes, but they’re well worth it.

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And there you go! In this article, we went over some of the most common mistakes that people make when working with or hiring virtual assistants. Now that you know what they are, you can better avoid them.

What better thing to do now than to hire an awesome VA and have a long, mistake-less relationship with them! If you’d like to give it a try, book a call with us so we can discuss your needs.

(Don’t worry, we’ll forgive a mistake or too (see?).)

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