Types of Clients that You want to Avoid

Whether you are running a delivery business or offering virtual assistant services, clients are the backbone of every company – but there are always certain types of clients that you want to avoid.

If you are a start-up owner, every project opportunity will intrigue you. A lesson you will have to learn is that the quality of work always matters more than the quantity. If you do not have a good feeling about the person you are about to close a business deal with, it is better to just retreat.

The reasons why range from simple frustrations and non-productivity that might arise from dealing with such people to downright dangerous situations which might put you, your company, or your employees at risk.

Working with certain types of clients might cause more stress than the financial burden of having less work.

List of clients you would want to avoid

To get our point across, we have compiled a list of the most common types of clients you would not want to work with. It can help you learn and recognize what you need to avoid in your future practice. There is no particular order; how much of a risk a certain client is depends on the kind of business you’re running.


Cheapskates are the kind of people that only care about how much something costs. Even if what you are offering them are quality services, they will complain about how they might have come across other, cheaper offers elsewhere. Once you see this trait in someone, it is a good indication that working with them will be saturated with this attitude. The best thing to do is politely decline and wish them the best in going for the cheaper option.

Potential Criminals

These should be close to the top on any list of clients that you want to avoid. To recognize them, look out for any shady stuff in what they are asking you do to for them. For example, if they want you to make a list of people who sent them death threats – that is a big red flag. Stay away from these people as working with them could put both you and your employees in serious danger.

Unstable Companies

Just like you typically would not go running into a relationship with a person that has a breakdown every four hours, you also shouldn not work with companies that have inconsistent track records. This includes companies which have been known to suddenly opt-out of partnerships or those that constantly seem to be closing down and reopening. If you do everything right on your end, it is not asking too much to expect the same in return.


We have all been there – you accept to work with someone and take care of a certain part of their business. The only problem is that they cannot seem to just let you do your job. Instead, they try and micromanage every little thing and end up suffocating you. These are definitely clients that you want to avoid as they make the process of working with them so tedious that it often is not even worth it in the end.

The Computer Illiterate

Finally, we end this list by discussing the computer illiterate. It can be extremely frustrating working with these types of clients—not because they are bad people, but because it is very difficult to conduct business with someone in the twenty-first century if they are not even familiar with rudimentary concepts of working on a computer and using the internet. Save your sanity before you have to explain to someone the difference between an email and a browser.

To conclude

A business cannot survive without clients, especially start-up companies. Having said that, not every opportunity is worth the hassle. Instead of working with a shady or nit-picky person, you could be doing two smaller projects with other, more reputable and more respectful clients.

Keep in mind that this list covers just a handful of the many types of clients that you want to avoid and that may harm your business. Depending on the resources you have and the services you offer—there may be many more out there.

The best advice is to always be careful—do your best to take care of your business by not working with people who will, if nothing else, waste your time.