Breaking Bad Characters Hire a Virtual Assistant

What if W. W. hired a VA?

What Breaking Bad characters need VAs?

Breaking Bad is a show about drugs. While we obviously don’t condone the production or selling of illegal substances, we wanted to do this fun thought experiment. What if our favourite antiheroes had access to VAs?

This post will explore what tasks the different prominent characters would want to delegate and what they could do with their free time afterwards. Without any further ado, let’s get to it!

Also, minor spoiler warning.

Lydia Rodarte-Quayle: Admin Chores

Wait… who? Well, if you haven’t seen the whole show, we won’t spoil it for you. Let’s just say that Lydia is probably the only Breaking Bad character (besides arguably Gus) who, apart from engaging in certain, ahem, extracurricular activities, actually has an office job. She’s shown several times as an busy woman drowned in paperwork.

For her, a VA would be just what the doctor ordered! With fewer admin chores to worry about, maybe she could focus more on drinking her speciality teas. The VA better hope, however, that Lydia never introduces them to the other aspect of her business.

Gustavo Fring: Online Marketing

Ahh yes… Gus. Los Pollos Hermanos is a flourishing chain in Breaking Bad, of course, but a business could always use help with growth. In particular, Gus doesn’t seem too acquainted with contemporary marketing techniques. He and his business would certainly benefit from having some online exposure. Throw in an eye-catching Instagram account and you’re in business! (well… he already was, but…)

Gus doesn’t seem to have many hobbies besides… well, you know. The extra time freed up by his VA, however, might enable him to take up some other things. Heck, he might even have enough fun to forget about his tragic past. Maybe he could even completely abandon his underground operation and focus purely on chicken (I sure would!).

Close-up Photo of Fried Chicken

Mike Ehrmantraut: Crazy Tasks

Mikey! Cool, calm, collected, intelligent—what’s not to like? Unfortunately, Mike ends up being a sort of VA, or at least A of his own, being the go-to guy for any funny business that needs taking care of in the world of Breaking Bad. He would probably be one of those candidates that ask us to do some very strange tasks for him. “Don’t ask any questions, I just need you to contact the police and tell them the following…”

The real reason we put Mike on here, however, is because of what he would do with his free time. He would probably spend it with his granddaughter. A loving grandpa like him would love having some extra free time to push his little angel on the swing. If we ignore what he does for a living, it’s enough to melt your heart.

Skyler White: Contacting Editors

Skyler is Walter’s wife and, at the beginning of the show, we see her trying to make it as a writer. Although she’s not a CEO or consultant, she could’ve made us of a VA to help her out. How? Well, while she focuses on writing the best fiction she can, a VA could’ve reached out to editors for her or even looked at her stories themselves.

With more free time, Skyler could focus more on her baby. Perhaps with some books published, Skyler wouldn’t have to eventually get a job back at her old firm. All in all, this would’ve made a happier family.

Walter White: Schoolwork

Don’t forget that, before breaking bad, Walt used to be a chemistry teacher. In fact, even after his initial escapades, he carried on teaching for a while. Perhaps if he had had the help of a VA or two managing his schedule and helping him out with endless school administrative tasks, he wouldn’t have felt the need to become a drug dealer.

Especially with his cancer diagnosis, a VA would’ve enabled Walt to spend more time with the family he professes to care so much about.

Colorful Liquids in Laboratory Glasswares like in Breaking Bad school


The characters in this show are diverse and interesting. However, no matter how badass they are, everyone can use some help. Everyone loves free time, no?

As you have seen, no matter who you are, a VA could be of use to you. However, if you’re a CEO, a consultant, or a speaker, then you probably need a VA more than most people. Therefore we advise you to book a free intro call with us and let’s see what we can do to free up your life.

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