Benefits of working remotely for startups

Benefits of working remotely will assure satisfaction for both parties involved. It’s not only easier in terms of office space and equipment. The employees are happier. The quality of work also becomes greatly enhanced. This is exactly why large, successful companies around the world like Amazon, Dell, and Philips now allow remote work, including over 60% of UK-based companies.

We’ve compiled a list of the greatest benefits of working remotely and allowing employees in your company to work from home

Many people working desk jobs in a back office prefer to work remotely and comfortably

The benefits of working remotely you and your employees will appreciate

Time management

A nine-to-five schedule is long outdated for various reasons. This especially applies for positions that require work that can be done via a single computer. Most people nowadays have computers at home. Your employees don’t really need to drive 30 miles over to the office building just to pointlessly sit in a cubicle for eight hours at a time. Some days will require two hours of work in total, other days will require overtime.

Sitting at work when you have no work to do doesn’t sound very motivating. Neither does coming to work only to continue once you get back home after a long commute. Many people find this simply stressful as it doesn’t leave them much time for leisure activities, or to simply rest, either. Working from home allows your employees to manage their time however they want to. As long as you get your work delivered on time, it doesn’t matter if they work from nine to five or from midnight till dawn.

Comfortable office space

Cubicles aren’t only inconvenient in terms of time management, they are dull, and unstimulating. Staring down at blank walls and sitting in an uncomfortable chair for hours at a time can be a living hell. This is why many people with office jobs start associating going to work with going to prison. Sure, you can put some flowers in a vase, or get a framed photo of your pet or family member to stand on your desk. However, this won’t change much in the long run.

Homeworkers have the perk of arranging their own space, which works especially well with introverts that prefer solitude and comfort. They can put on music, make themselves a nice cup of tea or a snack, or even have their emotional support puppy nap on their knees while they review your paperwork.

Larger talent pool

Allowing remote work gives you access to a larger pool of experts. You are no longer limited to employees living only in the immediate area of your office building. You can even hire someone living overseas, if you prefer more diversity in your company. This could also be a great move in terms of branching out your business to other countries. Maybe even branch out to other continents?

To sum it up

Your employees will appreciate having the opportunity to be paid for the same amount and type of work as before. With the open choice of working from home, they can now arrange their own time and space based on their personal needs and preferences. Chances are that this will make them stay in your company longer. Satisfied employees are less likely to leave a business, no matter the benefits your competitors might offer.