Avoid Squid Game by Hiring a VA

Squid Game

How to avoid playing the Squid Game

The new Korean hit TV Show, Squid Game, has introduced the survival-of-the-fittest death game genre to more people than ever before. Watching, we begin wondering: If I was in a bad place financially, would I play it as well?

If questions like that keep you up at night, don’t worry! This post will put your mind at ease. We’ll tell you all the ways in which a VA can keep you from hitting rock bottom. With our help, you’ll be in a place where, if a well-groomed, smiling Korean businessman challenges you to a game of Ddakji for either money or slaps and then proceeds to offer you a minimalist business card filled with shady geometric shapes… you’ll be able to politely decline.

Without further ado, let’s go!

#1 – VAs keep your life organized

Many things can be said about the show’s main character, Seong Gi-hun, but one thing is certain: he’s a disorganized mess. At the start of Squid Game, we see how his life is all over the place. He can’t keep a steady job, his marriage is in shambles, and he has a gambling addiction.

With a VA, organization issues will be a thing of the past. Most VAs can perform all kinds of admin work. Before you let your spouse divorce you because you forgot about their birthday, hire a VA to keep track of important things like that.

#2 – VAs stay on top of your finances and marketing

Choo Sang-woo was a promising businessman. Why did his business flounder? Why was he forced to play the Squid Game? Well, turns out he stole money. He wouldn’t have had to do that if there had been a trusty VA by his side, financially advising him.

To stay out of financial ruin, VAs are a borderline must. Not only can they help you manage the money you have, they can also bring in more money. VAs who are proficient in digital marketing can help grow your business and generate new money. 

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#3 – VAs let you spend more time with friends and family

Kang Sae-byok can be said to hold many ideals. She wants to win, she doesn’t think people should easily be trusted, she believes in freedom. But, above all, perhaps, her character centres around her little brother—around family.

Delegating some of your tasks will leave you with more time to spend with your loved ones. Don’t wait until it’s too late. You don’t have to play the Squid Game for them. They just want some of your time. VAs can give you that time.

#4 – VAs keep your employees satisfied with you

Abdul Ali effortlessly won our hearts. He also stole from his boss and made him crush his hand in an industrial machine. This is what happens when you don’t treat your employees properly.

VAs can help you stay on top of that. Drafting invoices, managing schedules, setting meetings etc. are all necessary for your employees to maintain their loyalty. Don’t let your hand get crushed and then be forced to play a death game for money. Treat your employees well and respectfully.

#5 – VAs help keep your brain sharp

Oh Il-nam suffers from tumor-induced dementia. In the show, he’ll sometimes count to halt the decline in his mental capacity. Repetitive office work and chores can also wear down your brain in the long run. That’s why you should take preventative measures.

VAs work by taking on your mundane, time-consuming, mind-numbing tasks, leaving you free to strategize, manage, consult, meet with clients, or otherwise enjoy yourself. Before your mental state deteriorates and you’re forced to do something stupid (like join the Squid Game), hire a VA and save yourself!

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#6 – VAs can help you stay out of debt

Though all of the characters in this show have some sort of money problem and most of them have a lot of debt, it’s made very explicit in Jang Deok-su’s place. He’s a gangster, and while most of us are not, there are times when the business world can be more savage than the streets!

Stay on top of your finances with a skilled VA. Don’t accumulate so much debt that you have to join a death game contest just so you don’t get murdered or have your organs harvested!

#7 – VAs can help you build a strong network of alliances

Han Mi-nyeo’s main problem in the show seemed to be maintaining relationships. In her context this was fatal. In ours, while it may not be that bad, it can often be the case that the success of our business depends on how many successful partnerships we can build.

A good VA can be your diplomat. Messaging other companies and striking up deals and alliances is an important aspect of growth and, ultimately, survival. Like our characters learn eventually—don’t go at it alone!

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And there you go. Hopefully this post has made you see how hiring a VA can save you from having to play the Squid Game. Instead of risking your life, why not just invest in yourself and your future?

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Stay out of trouble!

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