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Our story

Thanks to its disruptive approach, Remote Bob has a lot of success under its belt!
The team designed a mobile phone app that clients can download and delegate tasks, and an e-learning and verification system for training hundreds of VAs who can now look for speaking gigs, do research, outreach, SEO content creation, social media management, meeting arrangements, supplier shortlisting etc.
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    Market need

    Remote Bob founder Barbara Maheshwari worked as a go-to startup market consultant in London and noticed that one of the most frequent problems that CEOs had was a lack of time and that they were being drowned with repetitive marketing and admin tasks.

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    Platform creation

    She created an e-learning and verification programme, training hundreds of VAs who can now look for speaking gigs, do research, outreach, SEO content creation, social media management, meeting arrangements, supplier shortlisting etc.

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    First customers

    In March 2020 Remote Bob landed its first client.

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    Many more to come

    To this day, we have helped hundreds of clients from the IT, AI, blockchain, funeral, music, fashion etc. industries to more efficiently scale their companies because they can delegate their admin tasks to our proactive Remote Bob VAs, and focus on the growth.

Barbara Maheshwari

Founder & CEO

Ever since she was a teenager, she was always running some sort of business. These included things from organizing more than a hundred events on the coast of her beautiful native Croatia to international fashion events and business banquets. You could call her a serial entrepreneur and she wouldn’t get too mad. Her educational background is in sociology, communication science and accounting as well as an Executive MBA in general business management from the business school of Cotrugli. She was the youngest Executive MBA graduate from that school and the youngest columnist who’s ever worked for the Croatian magazine “Entrepreneur.”

Our values


We place a lot of value on diligently executing the tasks delegated to us.


We believe in complete transparency regarding working hours and progress on your tasks.


We think it’s important to be flexible and easily adapt to changing circumstances.


We pride ourselves on the high quality of our services.


We don’t slack off or take forever to do things; efficiency is the name of the game.

Remote culture

Our entire business is remote-based and it is an integral part of what we practice and believe in.

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Our Services

We have a team of VAs ready to help you with whatever you need.

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Our Vision and Mission


To create and promote result-based, flexible, fully remote business support for companies worldwide.


To enable business owners to instantly find, and hire intelligent, remote business support.

We're In It Together

We love our team!
Working with Remote Bob is a great experience, especially for those who seek flexible remote work. It is a very dynamic workspace, everything is transparent and colleagues are easy to work with. A lot can be learnt every day and you get to meet interesting clients around the world.

Kristian K.

Virtual Assistant

Working for Remote Bob has been a big learning experience for me - with each new project I am motivated to improve my skills in using different tools, creating strategies and managing my tasks and time. The team I work with is supportive, helpful and open to communication. I believe that Remote Bob will continue to do great work for their clients and their team, and I am happy that I have the opportunity to be a part of it.

Leonarda B.

Virtual Assistant

I feel very proud to be one of the oldest employees of Remote Bob. My career has skied with the growth of the company. The extraordinary Knowledge Transfer across the different streams of the projects has benefited a lot of employees. I am really grateful to work in a place that makes us grow to greater heights.

Jovana K.

Virtual Assistant

As a person who always aspires to learn new things and grow, Remote Bob is a perfect place for me. I got an opportunity to improve my existing skills and gain new knowledge in social media marketing and administrative tasks. Members of the Remote Bob team are all very open-minded, supportive and constantly trying to find best ways to take their work with clients to the next level!

Lucija M.

Virtual Assistant

Having opportunity to work with Remote Bob team is surely one of the best opportunities I had in my life. Everyone's work is really appreciated and has large impact to whole business. Working often doesn’t feel like working since everyone is so friendly and willing to help. I think that is the greatest value.

Iva K.

Finance & Admin Manager

Remote Bob has given me an opportunity to show my skills and learn something new. The team is extremely supportive and it has been a pleasure to work with so many different people. The pace is very dynamic but you can always ask for advice and work flexible hours.

Mia T.

Virtual Assistant

Growing is part of my mentality and work ethic. Working at Remote Bob is something that pushes my ability to improve. The Projects are exciting, team members are one of a kind and clients are always happy. I am super glad to be part of Remote Bob and to be able to contribute with my expanding knowledge.

Ilija K.

Virtual Assistant

Remote Bob has the most positive working environment I’ve ever been in. I love the fact that we nurture a flexible and friendly company culture and that I can customize my work hours however I want to. I feel supported by my team and we always find a way to resolve issues without much fuss or stress.

Ernad M.

Content Writer

I love working for Remote Bob because my clients are absolutely awesome! Ever since I joined the team, I became a pro in multitasking, and managing teams. The company culture is very friendly, and the work gets delivered on time. In addition, I was able to gain knowledge in multiple sectors and expand my professional skills.

Angela O.

Key Account Manager

What differentiates us?

Most VA agencies are created by an entrepreneurial admin person that wants to be more independent.
Remote Bob is a carefully designed platform made by serial entrepreneurs and MBA educated managers to help entrepreneurs to recruit, manage and monitor their virtual assistants with our pre-made action plans and quality assurance systems.

Meet the team

Get to know some of the people behind Remote Bob.

Barbara Maheshwari


Zoran Plesko


Lucija M

Sales & Key Account Manager

Leonarda B

Project Manager

Nejra H

Marketing Manager

Adna C

Team Leader

Peter B

Head Analyst

Davor M

Team Leader

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