A Blessing in Disguise: The Miracle of Remote Work

remote work being a blessing in disguise

The rise of remote work as a blessing in disguise

Saying that remote work is a blessing in disguise might anger some people, particularly those who find themselves missing the office. After all, what was wrong with it? You came to work, you did your shift, and you went home. At home, you had fun and rested. It was a simple, reliable formula. 

However, with recent world events and technological advancements, remote work has grown in popularity. A lot of businesses have adopted it even though they could go back to the office.

If you’re one of those people despairing over this, worry not! We’ve prepared five reasons why remote work is truly a blessing in disguise. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ll be able to appreciate just how big of a miracle it can potentially be.

Reason #1 – Better work-life balance

If you’re working from home, you can often set your own schedule. This leaves you free to plan out your day however you see fit. No more oppressive demands on your time. Got a book club meeting at 12? No problem! Go talk about Shakespeare and Milton and then come back (home) to work at 2. On some days you can work more, on some less. The possibilities are infinite. The point is: freedom. And balance.

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Reason #2 – Saving money

Remote work is cheaper than office work. This will especially interest those CEOs among you. Think about it. You don’t have to supply your own office spaces or equipment. For your wallet, remote work is actually a blessing in disguise. You get all of the same output, plus your employees get paid the right amount, and in the end you still save money! Think about this enough and you’ll start wondering why we didn’t leave the offices a long time ago. 

Reason #3 – Increased productivity and performance

When working from home there are fewer interruptions. There’s also no office chatter to distract you. Likewise, productivity is measured more accurately because it reduces the chance of “false positives”, i.e. working longer hours but not really being more productive. The time saved from, for example, not having to commute alone, would help quite a bit.

Reason #4 – Location independence

Found an expert for that thing you really need? Well, too bad. Turns out they’re located 800 miles away. Hiring them would be impossible within the office paradigm. However, if we’re talking about remote work, hiring this person would not be an issue whatsoever. How’s that for a blessing in disguise? You are free to create a geographically and culturally diverse team. You can hire overseas experts and freelancers to help you in specific ways for a set period of time, making your workforce more flexible. Imagine the talent of the entire world at your fingertips.

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Reason #5 – Health and happiness

Ultimately, remote work contributes to a stress-free, happier life. With more time on your hands, your days will open up. Productivity will be something concrete, measured in results and not hours spent wasting time in a boring office. With everyone feeling more comfortable, you’ll notice an increase in the levels of happiness in your company.


So there you have it. Hopefully this has convinced you that remote work is a blessing in disguise. If you choose to embrace the future rather than rejecting it, you will have an easier time. To make use of more advantages remote work offers consider looking into hiring a VA. For more info about this visit https://remotebob.co.uk/.

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