100 Tasks to Delegate to a Virtual Assistant

What tasks to delegate to virtual assistants?

Virtual assistants can save you a lot of time, provided you know what tasks to delegate to them. If you’re a CEO, coach, or consultant, they can help you by freeing you up to do the things that you really should be doing—strategizing, coaching, consulting, NOT answering a hundred emails every morning. Furthermore, they can give you more free time to spend with your family or use for hobbies.

Granted, there are some tasks which only you are qualified to do, but we’re not talking about those. We’re talking about the boring drudgery which often takes up so much of your time and prevents you from working at maximum efficiency. After all is said and done, this costs you money, as well.

But which tasks exactly to delegate to virtual assistants? You hear it all the time—virtual assistant companies screaming off the top of their lungs for you to employ their services, but what kind of use can you actually get out of them? You delegate, what, maybe 10-20 tasks?


In this article, we’re going to list 100 (you read that right) tasks to delegate to your virtual assistants. After you go through our list, we hope you’ll realize the sheer scope of wasted time that slips by you every day without a virtual assistant and start considering getting one. Even if you’ve already got one or several virtual assistants, don’t stop reading! This post could give you fun ideas regarding what tasks you can delegate to them.

To make this post easier to navigate and digest, we’ve divided the list into sections by type of task. Some inspiration was taken from the amazing articles over at https://www.chrisducker.com/101-tasks-to-outsource-to-virtual-staff/ and https://biz30.timedoctor.com/98-tasks-you-can-outsource-to-your-virtual-assistant-from-3-per-hour/.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

person with tasks to delegate using laptop on white wooden table

Content writing

Since I’m a content writer, I always put this category first (no bias there). Seriously, though, never underestimate the importance of having quality written content. Your blog posts and articles also need to be properly optimized for search engines.

A good content writer will not only be proficient in splicing words together but will know how focus keyphrases work and how to distribute them. These are the tasks that fall into this category:

Article Writing
Blog Post Writing
Newsletter Writing
Press Release Writing
Content Research
Directory Submission
Keyword Research
SEO Optimization
Off-site SEO
Brochure Content Writing
Document Creation

Administrative tasks

This is a huge category containing tasks ranging from email management to handling salaries. Administrative tasks are one of the primary reasons people hire VAs in the first place.

VAs that do these types of tasks are typically hired only for them and will scarcely have time to do much else. These tasks are the following:

Answering Calls
Voicemail Checking
Checking Messages
Invoice Management
Bank Account Management
Customer Refunds Management
Database Building
Scheduling Appointments
Scheduling Meetings
Sending out Greeting Cards and Invitations
Cloud Account Management
Transcription of Audio and Video
Form Creation
Contract Creation
Report Creation
Team Management
Project Management
Sending Thank You Notes
Preparation of Training Materials
Answering Emails
Calendar Management
Scheduling Meetings
Personal Errands
Interviewing Job Applicants
Background Checks
Speaking with References
Newcomer Training
Document Management
Keeping Track of Meetings

form creation is just one of the tasks to delegate to virtual assistants

Social media management

We all want our social media accounts to be full of engaging content. However, it can be tiring constantly thinking of new things to post, and also posting them at the right times.

For that reason, these are useful tasks to delegate to virtual assistants. You can get all the benefits of having quality social media posts without worrying yourself with the cumbersome details. Here they are:

Facebook Group Management
Facebook Page Management
Twitter Account Management
Instagram Account Management
LinkedIn Account Management
Metrics Tracking
Algorithm Analysis
Scheduling Posts
Gaining Followers
Contest Running
Comment Moderation
Answering Messages on Social Media
Creating a Social Media Strategy
Audience Engagement
Updating Accounts on a Regular Basis
Social Media Strategy Optimization

Digital marketing

Experts on digital marketing are an invaluable resource to have when you want to make sure your product gets noticed on the market. With more and more of the world living online, the quality of your digital marketing can make or break your business.

Virtual assistants proficient in this field can perform a wide range of tasks, here are some of them:

Email Marketing
Adding and Removing Subscribers
Creating and Scheduling Broadcast Emails
Proofreading Emails
Google Analytics Tracking
Traffic Reports
Landing Page Optimisation
Website Optimisation
Reaching out to Media Outlets
Creation of Web Marketing Strategy
Competitor Analysis
Link Building Campaigns
Podcast Setup
Podcast Insertion
YouTube Presence Management
WebMaster Submission
Sitemap Submission
Forum Participation
Blog Commenting
Social Bookmarking
Article Spinning
Article Marketing
Ad Placement

Art and design

Into this final category fall a large number of tasks to delegate to virtual assistants. The reason why is that a lot of them require a certain level of talent and training. They are best performed by focused experts.

You’ll notice that this category contains many different creative tasks. They are the following:

Video Making
Video Editing
Audio Editing
Video Transcription
Audio Transcription
Logo Design
Banner Design
Website Design
Graphic Design
Recording Sound and Video
Image Editing
Mock-Up Creation
Slideshow Creation
Brochure Design
Converting Data into Reports

silver laptop computer with assorted logo screengrab shows how designing tasks are one of the many tasks to delegate to virtual assistants


And there you have it. We hope that after reading this article, you realize the value of virtual assistants and consider giving one a try. As we’ve mentioned, even if you already work with a virtual assistant(s), maybe this article will give you an idea as to what other kinds of work you can assign to them.

Keep in mind that these are only some of the tasks to delegate to your virtual assistants. There are many more that VAs are capable of doing. If you find the right assistant and provide them with the proper instructions, there is virtually no limit to what you can accomplish together.