10 ways a remote PA can help UK startup owners!


A remote PA can reach out of the limitations of paperwork and meetings, that is, the things that we tend to associate with in-office secretaries.

If you are a startup owner in the UK, you already know how hard it is to continue working on your idea and not let it slip and slide. You have to continuously edit and develop your business plan, do market research, handle finances, search for new customers… With the rate at which small businesses fail in the UK , growing your business is essential, the race is on and the clock is ticking. The stress and pressure soon reflect on the result.

Hiring a remote PA can sound like a luxury, one that you think you might not need. Maybe you don’t trust someone with your work, but what about all those calls that you’ve missed, or important dates you have forgotten? Maybe having someone around to remind you of those things could come in handy. Are you sure that “no” is the right answer?

Remote PAs have been around for a while, but are gaining more and more popularity. They provide an extra resource for busy professionals. They can help give you back time and some peace of mind! Sounds too good to be true?
Here are 10 ways that a remote PA can help overwhelmed startup founders:

1. Life admin

Remote PAs aren’t limited to assisting you with your business. They can arrange your travel, book your dog into the vets or make your dinner reservation! When you’re feeling stressed it’s these chores which are the first to fall by the wayside.

2. Business tasks

When was the last time you kept track of your expenses properly? Remote PAs can undertake a range of business tasks from tracking your expenses, booking meetings, managing your social media channels and so much more. These tasks may seem small on their own, but added together can easily take over your available working time.

3. Keep track of things

A Remote PA can help you to keep track of several things. Whether it’s your work diary adding in meetings and travel time, or reminding you that your Mum’s birthday is coming up and do you want them to send some flowers. Having someone else in the loop means that you don’t have to keep remembering everything, and if you do happen to slip up – then someone else will be there to help!

4. A second pair of eyes

We all make mistakes, particularly when we’re busy, tired and stressed. A Remote PA can be a second pair of eyes on important documents, presentations and emails.

5. Out of sight, but not out of mind

The idea of hiring someone who you might not have met in person, or won’t see regularly, can be strange at first, but – there are so many benefits; you don’t have to worry about their holiday, sick pay, where they are going to sit, providing them with a computer – the list goes on! With the wealth of communication tools available, you’ll feel like they’re just down the corridor from you and you won’t ever notice that they aren’t!

Surprised woman with a towel on her head
A remote PA assists overwhelmed executives

6. Working when you aren’t

The world is becoming smaller by the day. No, we don’t mean literally! We mean in terms of technology. Your Remote PA may not be in the same town as you, but they needn’t even be in the same country or timezone. The advantage of this is that they may be working even when you aren’t. Imagine – you finish your working day having sent some tasks that you’d like completed. You get to your desk the next day and they’ve been completed, ready for you to start your day!

7. Change how much help you need

We all have months which are busier than others. Remote PAs work in different ways. It might be that you have a retainer of five hours a month, but you can add more if you need it. Think of it as a turn-up, turn-down resource. There when you need it, but not a service you pay for if you don’t. Who could ask for more!

8. Expertise

Different Remote PAs specialise in different areas. It’s entirely viable to have one Remote PA to assist you with your finances, and another for your social media management. This flexibility means that you will always have the best person for the job you need them to do.

9. Prompt support

There will always be a level of on-boarding needed but generally speaking, a Remote PA will hit the ground running, providing prompt support and immediate relief. Your to-do list will notice the difference straight away!

10. Peace of mind

All of the above culminate in a huge sense of relief – a Remote PA provides you peace of mind, an extra pair of hands, an extra set of eyes, and so much more. Once you find the right one – you’ll be wondering why it took you so long to make the decision!

Don’t let work stress take over your life. It’s easy to think there’s no solution, but a Remote PA is a simple, effective way to combat that feeling of being overwhelmed. So, what are you waiting for?

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